Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Machine Messiah Full-Length 2017

Media   Sepultura Under My Skin Single 2015

Media   Metal Veins - Alive At Rock In Rio (Video/DVD) DVD 2014

  The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart Full-Length 2013

  Kairos Full-Length 2011

  A-Lex Full-Length 2008

  Dante XXI Full-Length 2006

  The Best Of Compilation 2006

  Live In São Paulo (Video/DVD) DVD 2005

  Live in São Paulo Live 2005

  Roorback Full-Length 2003

  Chaos DVD (Video/DVD) DVD 2002

  Under A Pale Grey Sky Live 2002

Review   Nation Full-Length 2001

Review   Against Full-Length 1998

  Blood-Rooted Compilation 1997

Review   Roots Full-Length 1996

Review   Chaos A.D. Full-Length 1993

Review   Arise Full-Length 1991

Review   Dead Embryonic Cells Single 1991

Review   Beneath The Remains Full-Length 1989

Review   Schizophrenia Full-Length 1987

Review   Morbid Visions Full-Length 1986

Total Albums: 23