Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   WhiteWorm Cathedral Full-Length 2014

  Deathtrip 69 Full-Length 2011

  Slit Wrists And Casket Rot - Live Live 2006

  Harvest Ritual Volume I Full-Length 2005

  Goblins Be Thine EP 2004

  Nightmare Scenarios (Video/DVD) DVD 2004

  Sigh / Necrophagia Split 2003

  The Divine Art Of Torture Full-Length 2003

  Antaeus / Necrophagia (Reverse Voices Of The Dead) Split 2001

  Cannibal Holocaust EP 2001

  Through The Eyes Of The Dead Uncut (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2001

  A Legacy Of Horror, Gore And Sickness Compilation 2000

  Black Blood Vomitorium EP 2000

  Death Is Fun Compilation 2000

  Holocausto De La Morte Full-Length 1998

  Ready For Death Full-Length 1990

  Season Of The Dead Full-Length 1987

Total Albums: 17