Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   In The Minds Of Evil Full-Length 2013

  To Hell With God Full-Length 2011

  Till Death Do Us Part Full-Length 2008

  Doomsday In L.A (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2007

  Stench Of Redemption EP 2006

  When London Burns (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2006

  Scars Of The Crucifix Full-Length 2004

Review   In Torment In Hell Full-Length 2001

  Insineratehymn Full-Length 2000

Review   When Satan Lives Live 1998

  Serpents Of The Light Full-Length 1997

  Once Upon The Cross Full-Length 1995

  Amom: Feasting The Beast Compilation 1993

  Legion Full-Length 1992

  Deicide Full-Length 1990

Total Albums: 15