Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Of Ghosts And Gods Full-Length 2015

  Waiting For The End To Come Full-Length 2013

  The Iron Will Single 2012

  The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined (Video/DVD) DVD 2012

  Heaven's Venom Full-Length 2010

  Prevail Full-Length 2008

  Live In Deutschland - The Devastation Begins (Video/DVD) DVD 2007

  Live In Deutschland - The Devastation Begins Live 2007

  In The Arms Of Devastation Full-Length 2006

Review   Serenity In Fire Full-Length 2004

Review   Shadows & Dust Full-Length 2002

Review   Epic (The Poetry Of War) Full-Length 2001

  The Prophecy Full-Length 2000

  Temple Of Knowledge Full-Length 1996

  Sorcery Full-Length 1995

Total Albums: 15