Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Sorceress Full-Length 2016

Media   Pale Communion Full-Length 2014

  Heritage Full-Length 2011

  The Devil's Orchard - Live At Rock Hard Festival Live 2011

  Opeth In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (Video/DVD) DVD 2010

  The Wooden Box Boxed Set 2010

  The Candlelight Years Boxed Set 2008

  The Roundhouse Tapes (Video/DVD) DVD 2008

  Watershed Full-Length 2008

  The Roundhouse Tapes Live 2007

  Collector's Edition Slipcase Boxed Set 2006

  Ghost Reveries Full-Length 2005

Review   Damnation Full-Length 2003

  Lamentations - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire (Video/DVD) DVD 2003

Review   Deliverance Full-Length 2002

Review   Blackwater Park Full-Length 2001

Review   Still Life Full-Length 1999

Review   My Arms Your Hearse Full-Length 1998

Review   Morningrise Full-Length 1996

Review   Orchid Full-Length 1995

Total Albums: 20