Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Redefined Mayhem Full-Length 2014

  30th Anniversary: In The Power Of Now Compilation 2012

  Agony Of Death Full-Length 2008

  Strength, Power, Will, Passion Full-Length 2005

  Disorder Of The Order Full-Length 2002

  Master Of Disaster EP 2001

  No Matter What's The Cause Full-Length 1994

  Too Drunk To Fuck Compilation 1993

  Terminal Terror Full-Length 1991

  Too Drunk To Fuck Single 1991

  World Chaos Full-Length 1990

Media   The New Machine Of Liechtenstein Full-Length 1989

Media   Finished With The Dogs Full-Length 1987

  Roadcrew EP 1987

Media   Queen Of Siam Full-Length 1986

Total Albums: 15