Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Élan Single 2015

  Endless Forms Most Beautiful Full-Length 2015

  The Three Goddesses Split 2014

  Showtime, Storytime (Video/DVD) DVD 2013

  Imaginaerum - The Score Full-Length 2012

  Imaginaerum Full-Length 2011

  Storytime Single 2011

  The Crow, The Owl And The Dove Single 2011

  Walking In The Air - The Greatest Ballads Compilation 2011

  Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (Video/DVD) DVD 2009

  Bye Bye Beautiful Single 2008

  The Islander Single 2008

  Amaranth Single 2007

Review   Dark Passion Play Full-Length 2007

  Erämaan Viimeinen Single 2007

  Eva Single 2007

  Ballads Of The Eclipse Compilation 2006

  End Of An Era (Video/DVD) DVD 2006

  End Of An Era Live 2006

  Sleeping Sun (Video/DVD) DVD 2005

  Sleeping Sun Single 2005

  The Best Of Nightwish Compilation 2005

  Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan Single 2004

Review   Once Full-Length 2004

  Tales From The Elvenpath Compilation 2004

  Wish I Had An Angel Single 2004

  Century Child Full-Length 2002

  Over The Hills And Far Away EP 2001

  Wishmaster Full-Length 2000

  Sleeping Sun (4 Ballads Of The Eclipse) EP 1999

  Walking In The Air Single 1999

  Oceanborn Full-Length 1998

  Angels Fall First Full-Length 1997

Total Albums: 33