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KRISIUN Released New Track 'Scars Of Hatred'


KRISIUN has released Scars Of Hatred from their new album, Forged In Fury, out worldwide via Century Media Records on August 7th, 2015. The album will be available as a limited edition digipak including two bonus tracks as well as a woven patch, and 180g gatefold 2 LP edition with etching (incl. the album on CD) and as a digital download.

KRISIUN is extremely proud of their new opus and had this to say about the album and their work with producer Erik Rutan:

"Forged in Fury marks our return to the studio after 3 years of constantly touring all over the globe. Things were working well as we were always satisfied with the results of the previous records, but we thought that it was time for a change. Erik Rutan was the chosen one to be the producer, at Mana Recording Studios in Florida.
This album could be described as a "more natural" sounding album; the songs came out with more ambience and more low-end, making it sound even more brutal and straight-forward. It took us a lot of hard work and dedication, no fashions or tendencies were followed, this is a true relentless metal album to the bone, with a huge, natural sound. The song writing captures all the experience and feelings we gathered thru all the years of touring and recording, it has more variation and dynamics, but is still 100% Krisiun. Erik has a huge participation within the whole process, especially with regards to the band's performance. He was able to get the best out of each one of us, as we have been friends for a long time, so it was a pleasure working with him. This album was made with a lot of heart and passion for metal music. Hopefully you metal maniacs enjoy it as much as we did working it out." See you on the road, Alex and Krisiun.

Krisiun - Forged In Fury

Krisiun - Forged In Fury

Scars Of The Hatred
Ways Of Barbarism
Dogma Of Submission
Strength Forged In Fury
Soulless Impaler
Burning Of The Heretic
The Isolated Truth
Oracle Of The Ungod
Timeless Starvation
Milonga De La Muerte

Entered: 7/14/2015 10:48:15 AM

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