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STERBHAUS Release 'Bloodbarf' Video


The crushing Stockholm powerhouse STERBHAUS releases a second completely mad and quite shocking video for the song “Bloodbarf” from their new album “New Level of Malevolence”. 

STERBHAUS - who are known not only from recent successful touring with Vader, Melechesh and Shining, have also made a quite impressive imprint a rather astonishing back-catalogue of entertaining and groundbreaking music videos. The new video for Bloodbarf – which has already stirred some controversy outside Sweden is a feast of visual onslaughts topped with a quite macabre twist that basically really has to be seen. 

The video was once more the result of a collaboration between the band and filmmaker Martin Strandberg (Shining videos and documentary, Snowy Shaw dvd and of Sabaton employ).

STERBHAUS plays a mixture of non-retro/non-modern Heavy/Death/Black/Thrash Metal that is uncommonly honest and genuine and spiced with a pinch of dark humor and spitting wit. And STERBHAUS videos are definitely no exception.

Entered: 11/7/2015 11:06:50 AM

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