BLOOD RED THRONE Release Lyric Video For 'Proselyte Virus'

Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne are both primed and armed to release their eighth studio album Union of Flesh and Machine, through Candlelight Records. A merciless and domineering follow up to 2013's self titled release.

2015 saw the return of a genuine force of Blood Red Throne; vocalist Yngve ‘Bolt’ Christiansen. The mission was set to re-record the vocals for Union of Flesh and Machine to give Blood Red Throne back that titan muscle they are known for. A task which Yngve took on with ease. Having been the former vocalist of Blood Red Throne Yngve took to it like mud to a moshpit....

Union of Flesh and Machine is due out in April.

Blood Red Throne will be appearing at Dark Days of Stockholm over March 2016 in which begins a brutal summer for the band, as Union of Flesh and Machine is unleashed and the denizen that is Blood Red Throne lay waste unto the hoards of Europe....

Entered: 2/17/2016 9:23:48 AM

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