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A Forest Of StarsBeware The Sword You Cannot See82015Brian
A Gruesome FindOf Blood And Nobility8.22007JD
A Life Once LostA Great Artist6.52003Adam
A Perfect MurderUnbroken5.62004Alexi
A Storm Of LightNations To Flames8.42013Adam M
A. LostfieldInternal Affairs82010JD
Abaddon IncarnateNadir82001Jack
AbatuarVejación De La Bestia / Fosa Común72015Tara
AbbathAbbath82016Adam M
AbhordiumWhen Depravity Incarnates9.52011JD
AbhordiumOmega Prayer8.52017Tomek
Abigail WilliamsIn The Absence Of Light8.12010Kate
Abigail WilliamsIn The Absence Of Light8.42010JD
Abigail WilliamsBecoming9.42012JD
AbigorSatanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)62001Luka
AbigorChanneling The Quintessence Of Satan71999Luka
AbigorVerwustüstung / Invoke The Dark Age8.41994Allan
AbortedSlaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture7.62007Tomek
AbortedRetrogore7.52016Adam M
AbscessThrough The Cracks Of Death7.22002Allan
AbsinthebolikLe Miroir De L'omniscience6.62012JD
AbsolutionThe Revelation Diaries92008JD
AbstracterWound Empire92015Brian
AbsuThe Sun Of Tiphareth7.21995Luka
Abused Majesty...So Man Created God In His Own Image92007Wiley
Abysmal DawnObsolescence82014Adam M
AbythicA Full Negation Of Existence62015Tara
AC/DCStiff Upper Lip82000Tobias
AcceptBlood Of The Nations92010Chris Pratl
AcceptMetal Heart91985JD
Acid BathWhen The Kite String Pops7.41994Allan
Acid DrinkersVerses Of Steel8.42008JD
Act Of GodsDies Irae6.32003Allan
AdhukRituals Of Personal Universe02013JD
Adrian WeissEasy Game9.52014JD
AenaonExtance8.52014Adam M
AenaonHypnosophy82016Adam M
AeonDark Order102001Chris
AeonAeons Black9.22012Maciek
AeonAeons Black7.72012Adam M
AeternusA Darker Monument8.42003JD
AeternusAscension Of Terror92001Chris
AeternusAscension Of Terror7.52001Denis
Against The PlaguesThe Architecture Of Oppression8.42007Mario
AgallochThe Mantle7.22002Jack
AgallochThe Serpent & The Sphere8.52014Adam M
AgathodaimonChapter III8.42001Chris
AgathodaimonSerpent's Embrace5.52004Joshua
AggregateFeel The Pain22008JD
Agnostic FrontMy Life My Way5.42011Kate
Agony Spawn Metal Vitality82011JD
Agony Spawn Engineering Obliteration9.12013JD
Agoraphobic NosebleedHonky Reduction3.51998Michael
AhabThe Divinity Of Oceans8.52009Chris Pratl
AkercockeWords That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone8.52005Adam M
AkercockeRenaissance In Extremis7.72017Adam M
AkromaApocalypse (Requiem)8.52017JD
Alabama ThunderpussyStaring At The Divine9.42002Tobias
AlasAbsolute Purity82001Chris
AlassëThe Fall Of Nemrael8.42010JD
AlcestKodama82016Adam M
AlchemistEve Of The War7.51998Jack
AlchemistAustral Alien9.12003Jack
AlghazanthWreath Of Thevetat102008Drew
Alias EyeField Of Names8.42001Allan
Alias EyeA Different Point Of You7.52003Jack
AlkaloidThe Malkuth Grimoire92015Adam M
AlkaloidThe Malkuth Grimoire82015Ryan
AlldeadEnd Gates7.62014Chris
AllegaeonProponent For Sentience7.42016Adam M
AllegaeonFormshifter8.62012Adam M
AllguiltyPrimary Colour Solution42008JD
AlmahUnfold8.52013Adam M
Altar Of OblivionGrand Gesture Of Defiance9.62012JD
Alter SelfPromo 20125.12012JD
AmaranPristine In Bondage72004Chris
AmendfoilAct Of Grace8.12009JD
Amnesia AmnesiaVersus The Bear12009Wiley
Amon AmarthThe Avenger8.51999Jack
Amon AmarthThe Crusher72001Tobias
Amon AmarthSurtur Rising9.82011Kate
AmorphisBlack Winter Day81994Luka
AmorphisTales From The Thousand Lakes91994Jack
AmorphisElegy9.51996Adam M
AmorphisAm Universum102001Chris
Anaal NathrakhDomine Non Es Dignus82004Aaron
Anaal NathrakhVanitas9.82012Maciek
Anaal NathrakhPassion7.82011Adam M
AnataUnder A Stone With No Inscription8.62004Adam
AnathemaThe Optimist7.72017Adam M
AnathemaWeather Systems8.82012Adam M
AnathemaA Natural Disaster7.62004Allan
AnathemaThe Silent Enigma91995Allan
AnathemaA Fine Day To Exit9.52001Chris
Anatolian WisdomWhere The Iblis Dwells8.42008JD
Anatomy of ISubstratum6.82011JD
Ancient RitesDim Carcosa7.52001Chris
AnciientsVoice Of The Void7.52016Adam M
AnciientsHeart Of Oak8.72013Adam M
And OceansAllotropic/Metamorphic Genesis Of Dimorphism7.52001Chris
And OceansDynamic Gallery Of Thoughts71998Jack
And OceansThe Summetry Of I, Circle Of O61999Jack
And OceansCypher92002Chris
AndemDoch' Lunnogo Sveta8.82009Anna
AndromedaExtension Of The Wish92001Chris
Angel BlakeThe Descended8.62008JD
Angel DustOf Human Bondage8.22002Tobias
Angels And EnemiesGttkmplx5.42010JD
Animals As LeadersThe Madness Of Many7.52016Adam M
Animo AegerImpuls8.62009JD
Animus HerilisRecipere Ferum8.32005JD
Annihilate The HeroImages Of Disgust7.82005JD
AnnulationHuman Creatures22004JD
Anorexia NervosaRedemption Process8.22004Chris
AntaeusCut Your Flesh And Worship Satan52000Luka
Antares PredatorBanquet Of Ashes72008Drew
AnthraxGreater Of Two Evils7.82004Bryan
AnthraxLive Noize8.41991JD
AnthraxThrough Time (P.O.V.)7.61991Tomek
AnthraxFor All Kings82016Adam M
AntigamaStop The Chaos4.82012JD
AntimatterLights Out92003Denis
AntithesisDying For Life6.72001Jack
Antropofagus Architecture Of Lust9.22012JD
Anubis GateHorizons8.52014Adam M
AnuryzmWorm's Eye View7.62011JD
AosothAshes Of Angels92009JD
APESurvival Of The Fittest82009JD
APE...And Then There Were Two72010Adam M
Aphonic ThrenodyWhen Death Comes92014JD
ApotheosisFarthest From The Sun6.22002Chris
Approached By A GodDiseased And Burned To Rest6.92009JD
April EtherealAdvent7.62002Jack
April WeepsOuter Calm, Pain Within102013JD
AraticTo The Early Grave102013JD
AratronThe Recovery3.12013JD
AratronDarkness Is Coming7.52016Chris Pratl
ArcanaLe Serpent Rouge92004Shaytan
Arcana 13Danza Macabra72016Brian
ArcaneKnown/Learned92015Adam M
Arcane RitualEnemy Of The State92017JD
Arch EnemyStigmata81998Adam
Arch EnemyBurning Bridges91999Adam
Arch EnemyBurning Bridges91999Allan
Arch EnemyBlack Earth91996Adam
Arch EnemyWages Of Sin82002Michael
Arch EnemyAnthems Of Rebellion7.32003Adam
ArchgoatHeavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites)8.52011JD
ArcturusThe Sham Mirrors9.62002Jack
ArcturusThe Sham Mirrors7.62002Tobias
ArcturusThe Sham Mirrors9.92002Allan
ArcturusAspera Hiems Symfonia8.41995Luka
ArcturusDisguised Masters91999Jack
ArcturusLa Masquerade Infernale91997Jack
ArgusBoldly Stride The Doomed9.12011JD
ArkhethHymns Of A Howling Wind52004Jack
ArkhethIX & I: The Quintessence Of Algaresh7.72010Adam M
Arkhon InfaustusFilth Catalyst72003Allan
Armored SaintWin Hands Down8.52015Adam M
ArsisA Celebration Of Guilt7.82004Adam
As It BurnsMortal Dusk5.52003Jack
ASGBlood Drive8.52013Adam M
AsgarothRed Shift9.32002Denis
Ashes To AshesCardinal VII8.22002Jack
AsiraEfference7.52017Adam M
AsphyxDeathhammer8.52012Adam M
AsteriusA Moment Of Singularity7.62003David
AstriaalDeception Revelation7.62002Jack
AstriaalRenascent Misanthropy8.92003Jack
AstriaalAnatomy Of The Infinite7.92010Anna
AstronoidAir82016Adam M
At The GatesSlaughter Of The Soul101995Chad
At The GatesTerminal Spirit Disease8.21994Adam M
At The GatesAt War With Reality92014Adam M
At The SoundawnShifting5.22010JD
At VanceThe Evil In You6.82003Denis
At VanceOnly Human9.22002JD
AtavismaWhere Wolves Once Dwelled92014JD
AtheistUnquestionable Presence91991Adam M
Atkins / May ProjectAnthology6.52015JD
Atlantean KodexThe White Goddess8.62013Adam M
AtreyuThe Curse7.62004Jacobo
Atrium NoctisHome7.72010Adam M
Au-DessusEnd Of Chapter8.52017Tomek
AutaricDeath Propaganda7.52011JD
AutereBeing Dead Is A Place8.52009JD
AutopsySkull Grinder92015Brian
Autumnal Reaper Rise Of The Raging Death8.82009JD
AutumnblazeMute Boy, Sad Girl9.12002Jack
AutumnblazeThe Mute Sessions62003Jack
AutumnblazeEvery Sun Is Fragile7.62013Brian
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Pt. II7.92002Jack
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera102001Chris
Avenged SevenfoldWaking The Fallen8.22003Adam
AviculariaBorn To Be Vile8.42009Adam M
AviculariaBorn To Be Vile7.42009Anna
AxamentaCodex Barathri4.62002Allan
AxenstarPerpetual Twilight6.42002Jack
AzaghalLuciferin Valo9.12006JD
AzarathIn Extremis92017Arek
AzarathIn Extremis82017Szymon
AzarathBlasphemer's Malediction8.12011Adam M
Babylon Mystery OrchestraThe Godless, The Godforsaken And The God Damned9.12010JD
Babylon Mystery OrchestraPoinium Cherem4.32012JD
BahimironSouthern Nihilizm6.252008Anna
Balance Of PowerPerfect Balance8.12001Jack
BalatonizerOcclused In Ottusity2.62004JD
BalmogTestimony Of The Abominable8.52012JD
Bal-SagothAtlantis Ascendant72001Chris
Bal-SagothBattle Magic6.61998Luka
BarishiBlood From The Lion's Mouth82016Adam M
BaronessPurple8.52015Adam M
Barren Earth Curse Of The Red River8.12010Adam M
Barren Earth The Devil's Resolve92012Adam M
Bastard PriestGhouls Of The Endless Night6.42011JD
BathoryBlood Fire Death91988Allan
BathoryNordland II62003Denis
BathoryNordland I72002Jack
BathoryNordland I7.22002Denis
BatillusConcrete Sustain8.42013Adam M
Battalion (BE)Welcome To The Warzone8.22008JD
BattleloreWhere The Shadows Lie82002Jack
BattleloreSword's Song82003Adam
Beaten Back To PureThe Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches8.22002Jack
BeheadedBeast Incarnate7.62017Adam M
BeheadedNever To Dawn8.62012Maciek
BehemothZos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)8.52002Michael
BehemothEvangelion92009Adam M
BehemothThe Satanist92014Chris
BehemothThe Satanist7.62014Adam M
Be'lakorVessels8.52016Adam M
BelëfInfection Purification52005Aaron
BelphegorNecrodaemon Terrorsathan62000Jack
BelphegorInfernal Live Orgasm7.22002Jack
BelphegorGoatreich - Fleshcult8.42005Jacobo
BelphegorLucifer Incestus7.62004Jacobo
BelphegorBlood Magick Necromance7.72011Kate
Beneath The MassacreMechanics Of Dysfunction7.42007Tomek
BenedictionOrganised Chaos8.62001Chris
BenightedNecrobreed7.32017Adam M
Better Left UnsaidThe Fight Within6.12008JD
Beyond CreationEarthborn Evolution7.52014Adam M
Beyond DescriptionProof Of The Truth7.82011JD
Beyond The EmbraceAgainst The Elements6.42002Michael
Bible Of The DevilFor The Love Of Thugs & Fools9.42012JD
BiesyNoc Lekkich Obyczajów92017Arek
Black AsylumAnthem Of Order7.52009JD
Black BreathSentenced To Life8.72012Adam M
Black BreathSentenced To Life8.82012Brad
Black BreathSlaves Beyond Death7.52015Adam M
Black Crown InitiateSelves We Cannot Forgive82016Adam M
Black Label SocietyMafia8.22005Tobias
Black Label SocietyThe Blessed Hellride9.42003Manuel
Black Label SocietySonic Brew7.61999Tobias
Black MagicWizard's Spell82014Ryan
Black NasaDeuce6.42004Aaron
Black OathThe Third Aeon7.42011Anna
Black OathOv Qliphoth And Darkness9.32013JD
Black SabbathReunion9.21998Michael
Black TuskPillars Of Ash7.52016Adam M
Black WreathA Pyre Of Lost Dreams92009Emma
Blackened (AU)The Sense Of Violence7.82011JD
Blackhorned SagaSeten7.52014Chris Pratl
BlackratWhiskey And Blasphemy82013JD
BlacksmithTime Out Of Mind9.12012JD
Blasphemous CreationShadows Of Evil82008JD
Blasphemous CreationDiabolical Kingdom7.12009Adam M
Blasphemous CreationBattle Of The Ancients82012Adam M
Blasphemous CreationThe Rise Of Marduk8.52015JD
Bleed In VainOne Day Left72004Adam M
Bleeding UtopiaPromo 20106.42010Adam M
Blind GuardianA Night At The Opera8.42002Allan
Blind GuardianImaginations From The Other Side8.81995Luka
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight World8.31990Luka
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight World8.91990Allan
Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence8.42001Chris
Blind GuardianAnd Then There Was Silence102001Allan
Blind GuardianNightfall In Middle-Earth8.51998Luka
Blind GuardianAt The Edge Of Time42010David
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch Dark102013Brian
Blood FarmersHeadless Eyes9.52014Brian
Blood IncantationStarspawn7.52016Adam M
Blood Red ThroneMonument Of Death7.92001Denis
Blood Red ThroneMonument Of Death8.22001Chris
Blood Red ThroneAffiliated With The Suffering7.22003Denis
Blood Red ThroneAltered Genesis6.12005JD
Blood Stain Childε psilon82011Monika
BloodbathNightmares Made Flesh9.22004Chris
BloodbathThe Fathomless Mastery92008JD
BloodbathResurrection Through Carnage102002Chris
BloodbathGrand Morbid Funeral8.52014Adam M
BloodlineHate Procession72009Wiley
BloodRoseInto Oblivion7.62002Jack
Bloodshed WalhallaThe Battle Will Never End7.72012Adam M
Bloodshot DawnDemons8.52014Adam M
Bloody HammersLovely Sort Of Death62016Drew
Blotted ScienceThe Machinations Of Dementia9.62007Tomek
BludgeonCrucify The Priest5.82002Allan
Blue FelixSample Of A Solution8.62010JD
Blut Aus Nord777 - The Desanctification9.42011JD
Bolt ThrowerHonour Valour Pride9.22001Chris
Bolu2 DeathDualitas7.52016Tomek
BombusRepeat Until Death7.52016Adam M
BorknagarUrd8.72012Adam M
BorknagarThe Archaic Course81998Jack
BorknagarOlden Domain91997Jack
BorknagarOlden Domain8.51997Adam M
Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time8.82013Ryan
BotchAn Anthology Of Dead Ends8.42002Jack
Brain DrillApocalyptic Feasting92008JD
Breach The VoidThe Monochromatic Era6.72010Adam M
Brick BathI Won't Live The Lie6.52001Tobias
Brilliant ColdnessPoisoned Reality7.42006Emma
Brilliant ColdnessPoisoned Reality8.72006JD
BrutalitySea Of Ignorance8.52016Tomek
Burden Of LifeAshes Of Existence6.42008JD
Burden Of LifeIn The Wake Of My Demise82010JD
Burn Blue SkyCelebrate The Decline8.52010JD
Burning PointSalvation By Fire72001Jack
Burning SkiesGreed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption82008JD
Burnt By The SunSoundtrack To The Personal Revolution7.52002Luka
Bursa LambLambdroid's Vengeance12013JD
BurzumBurzum / Aske31995Luka
ByfrostBlack Earth7.42010Adam M
ByzantineThe Cicada Tree7.72017Adam M
CadacrossCorona Borealis - The Northern Crown6.32002Adam M
Cadaver Inc.Discipline8.52001Chris
CainThe Master Clockwork9.32009JD
Calico SystemThe Duplicated Memory6.52003Allan
Caligula's HorseBloom92015Adam M
Caligula's HorseIn Contact7.62017Adam M
Callenish CircleFlesh_Power_Dominion8.62002Chris
CallistoTrue Nature Unfolds7.62005Joshua
Calm HatcheryFading Reliefs82014Adam M
Calm HatcheryFading Reliefs52014Ryan
CanaanA Calling To Weakness8.42002Jack
Candiria300 Percent Density22001Tobias
Cannibal CorpseA Skeletal Domain82014Adam M
Cannibal CorpseGore Obsessed8.22002Chris
Cannibal CorpseGallery Of Suicide2.51998Jack
Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched Spawn8.42004Chris
CarcassNecroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious7.61991Allan
CarcassChoice Cuts8.52004Allan
CarcassSurgical Steel8.92013Adam M
Cardiac ArrestPromo 20169.52016Chris Pratl
Carnal ForgeFiredemon6.52000Luka
Carnal ForgePlease… Die!6.82002Tobias
Carved In StoneThe Forgotten Belief6.22002Jack
Cassandra Syndrome Satire X8.22011JD
Castle FreakHuman Hive82016Tara
CatastrophicThe Cleansing92001Chris
Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene Extinction8.52015Brian
Cave InUntil Your Heart Stops8.21998Allan
Cave InJupiter82000Allan
Cave InTides Of Tomorrow8.62002Allan
CelestyReign Of Elements7.82002Jack
Celtic LegacyGuardian Of Eternity72008Adam M
CentinexDecadence - Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos8.42004Chris
Central Disorder2012 EP82012JD
CenturianContra Rationem9.22013Maciek
Centurion (PL)Serve No One7.42012Tomek
CentvrionNon Plus Ultra6.42002Allan
Cessation Of LifePath Of Totality92008JD
Chaos InvocationIn Bloodline With The Snake7.42009Anna
ChargerConfessions Of A Man (Mad Enough To Live Amongst Beasts)5.22003Denis
Chariots Of The GodsReverence9.12010JD
Charlie ShredCharlie Shred8.62012JD
Chesty Malone And The Slice 'Em UpsTorture Rock8.12011JD
Children Of BodomHatebreeder101999Luka
Children Of BodomFollow The Reaper82001Chris
Children Of BodomHate Crew Deathroll7.62003Jack
Children Of BodomTrashed, Lost & Strungout9.22005Tobias
ChimairaThe Impossiblity Of Reason8.22003JD
Choose Your PoisonLaid To Waste7.22009JD
Christ AgonyNocturN9.12011Maciek
Christ InversionChrist Inversion8.22008JD
Christian MistressTo Your Death7.52015Adam M
Christopher LeeCharlemagne: By The Sword And The Cross4.92010David
Chrome ShiftRipples In Time8.22003Jack
ChthonicTakasago Army82011Adam M
Circle II CircleWatching The Silence6.62003Denis
Circle Of Chaos Black Oblivion8.32010JD
Circle Of Dead ChildrenThe Genocide Machine8.52001Chris
ClaggLord Of The Deep7.92010Anna
ClutchPure Rock Fury102001Tobias
ClutchBlast Tyrant8.62004Tobias
ClutchPsychic Warfare7.62015Adam M
ClutchEarth Rocker8.72013Adam M
CodeAugur Nox7.42013Brian
CoffinsThe Fleshland9.42013JD
CoffinsThe Fleshland82013Roslyn G
Cold Northern VengeanceTrial By Ice 2002-20107.22010Anna
ColdsteelAmerica Idle5.22013JD
Colour TripKill My Super Ego7.52002Denis
Common Grave (DE)Dehumanized8.62006JD
Common Grave (DE)Embedded Coding7.32009Anna
Complex 7c7.098.52009JD
CondenadosPainful Journey Into Nihil, A92011JD
ContracrashThy Kingdom Come72015JD
CornerstoneHuman Stain7.52002Jack
Corporation 187Perfection In Pain7.42002Allan
Corporation 187Newcomers Of Sin32008JD
Corrosion Of ConformityCorrosion Of Conformity72012Brad
Corrosion Of ConformityIn The Arms Of God8.62005Brian
Corrosion Of ConformityWiseblood71996Adam
Corrosion Of ConformityAmerica's Volume Dealer82000Tobias
Corrosive CarcassComposition Of Flesh82012Tomek
Council Of The FallenRevealing Damnation92002Chris
Count RavenMammons War8.22009Adam M
Count The LiesCount The Lies8.22009JD
Counter-World ExperiencePulsar82016JD
CountessOn Wings Of Defiance8.42011JD
Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A Day9.42003Denis
Cradle Of FilthCruelty And The Beast6.51998Jack
Cradle Of FilthMidian6.52000Jack
Cradle Of FilthDusk And Her Embrace6.41996Luka
Cradle Of FilthCryptoriana: The Seductiveness Of Decay7.62017Adam M
Crash And BurnSick Again7.62002Tobias
CratorThe Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy92016Arek
CrawBodies For Strontium 908.82002Jack
Crawling QuietBlinded Eyes3.62013JD
CrematoriumA World Where Only Nightmares Prevail6.82001Tobias
Crimson DawnChronicles Of An Undead Hunter7.62017Adam M
Crimson ValleyCrossing The Sky9.22012JD
CrionicsHuman Error: Ways To Selfdestruction7.42002Joshua
CrionicsArmageddon's Evolution8.82005Alexi
Crisis (US)²Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out3.62010JD
CrowbarLifesblood For The Downtrodden7.62005Alexi
Crown Of Thorns Faith7.72010JD
Crown The LostBlind Faith Loyalty8.42009JD
Crowned In EarthVisions Of The Haunted7.52010Anna
Crushing BlowCease Fire7.92010JD
CruxiterFrom Her Eyes8.52011JD
CruxiterThe Church8.62011JD
Cryptic TalesVII Dogmata Of Mercy82008JD
Cryptic TalesVII Dogmata Of Mercy4.92008Wiley
CryptopsyThe Book Of Suffering (Tome 1)7.52015Adam M
CryptopsyAnd Then You'll Beg82000Chris
CryptopsyWhisper Supremacy8.21998Allan
CryptopsyNone So Vile101996Chad
CryptopsyOnce Was Not9.42005Maciek
Crystal ViperCrimen Excepta9.52012JD
Culper Ring35582003Allan
Cult Of LunaThe Beyond7.22003Allan
Cult Of LunaVertikal92013Adam M
Cult Of LunaMariner8.52016Adam M
CultedOblique To All Paths8.22014Ryan
CyaeghaSteps Of Descent8.82008JD
CynicTraced In Air9.72008JD
CynicKindly Bent To Free Us7.12014Adam M
CynicThe Portal Tapes5.52012JD
DaemonlordSign, The (Key Of The Underworld - Regained) Pt. 1: The Towers Of Griefdom6.12002Jack
DagorladThe End Of The Dark Ages5.62002Luka
DamagedToken Remedies Research61997Jack
DamagedDo Not Spit71993Jack
DamageplanNew Found Power52004Joshua
Damnations HammerDisciples Of The Hex9.62012Maciek
Damned Spirits' DanceWeird Constellations4.52009Wiley
DanzigCircle Of Snakes4.22004David
DargaardIn Nomine Aeternitatis7.52000Luka
DargaardThe Dissolution of Eternity7.52001Jack
Dark ForestDawn Of Infinity8.32011JD
Dark FuneralDiabolis Interium7.22001Jack
Dark FuneralDe Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine8.92004Anna
Dark HavenFallout6.22010JD
Dark MassDark Mass Medium7.62004Tomek
Dark SunsSwanlike82002Jack
Dark TranquillityCharacter9.62005Alexi
Dark TranquillityHaven92000Michael
Dark TranquillityDamage Done92002Michael
Dark TranquillityDamage Done9.22002Jacobo
Dark TranquillityWe Are The Void42010Chris Pratl
Dark TranquillityAtoma82016Adam M
Dark VisionBestial Remedy8.62008JD
DarkaneRusted Angel101998Adam
DarkaneExpanding Senses102002Adam
DarkaneThe Sinister Supremacy9.62013Chris
Darkest HourGodless Propeths & The Migrant Flora7.62017Adam M
DarkRiseFear, Hate & Corruption92016JD
Darkside (BR)Prayers In Doomsday7.42012JD
DarkspaceDark Space III92008Mario
DarkthroneHate Them6.42003Denis
DarkthroneSardonic Wrath8.82005Aaron
DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger31994Luka
Dawn Of AzazelThe Tide Of Damocles7.52015Adam M
Dawn Of DemiseRejoice In Vengeance7.22012Tomek
Dawn Of TearsDark Chamber Litanies7.82009Emma
Days Of LossOur Frail Existence7.82014Chris
Dead EmotionsGates To The Unseen6.82002Jack
Dead For DaysDisassociated From Reality92008JD
Dead RabbitsSin-Eater7.42006Chris
Dead Raven ChoirMy Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind9.22007Mario
Dead To This WorldFirst Strike For Spiritual Renewance8.42007JD
DeafheavenNew Bermuda8.52015Brian
DeathScream Bloody Gore7.61987Brian
DeathSpiritual Healing8.61990Allan
DeathIndividual Thought Patterns101993Allan
DeathThe Sound Of Perseverance101998Allan
DeathThe Sound Of Perseverance91998Luka
Death AngelThe Art Of Dying8.82004Tobias
Death AngelThe Evil Divide92016Arek
Death Dealer (US)War Master9.62013JD
Death Toll Rising Defecation Suffocation8.12010JD
DeathboundNon Compos Mentis8.82010JD
DeathchainSotajumala / Deathchain4.92010JD
DeathstormAs Death Awakes9.32013Maciek
Debt Of NatureCrush, Kill And Burn7.22010Adam M
DecapitatedThe Negation9.62004Chris
DecapitatedOrganic Hallucinosis92006Chris
DecapitatedAnticult7.42017Adam M
DecapitatedCarnival Is Forever8.52011Adam M
DecapitatedCarnival Is Forever42011Chris Pratl
Deep SwitchNine Inches Of God8.11986JD
DefacedForging The Sanctuary82015Maciek
DefacedOn The Frontline8.12012Tomek
DeflagrationA Call To Arms92008JD
DefleshedRoyal Straight Flesh6.52002Jack
DefyingNexus Artificial8.22014Chris
DegradeLost Torso Found7.62006Tomek
DeicideWhen Satan Lives5.61998Luka
DeicideIn Torment In Hell1.82001Chad
DeivosGospel Of Maggots7.62010Adam M
DeivosEndemic Divine7.52017Adam M
DelainWe Are The Others82012Adam M
DemolisherEnter The Suffering82007Tomek
Demon HunterDemon Hunter7.62002Allan
Demon LungPareidolia92012JD
Demon LungThe Hundredth Name102013JD
DemoniconHymns Of Apostasy7.52008JD
DemonikLas Cenizas De La Tierra22013JD
DemonoidRiders Of The Apocalypse8.82004Jacobo
Den SaakaldteAll Hail Pessimism8.52009JD
Depressed ModeGhosts Of Devotion6.82007Anna
DerangedPlainfield Cemetery6.82002Allan
DerelictUnspoken Words7.12008JD
Desaster666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate82007JD
Desecrate Scripture Wolves Of Damnation8.52010JD
DesecratorLive Til Death72011Adam M
DesecratorDown To Hell92013JD
DesireLocus Horrendus8.82002Chris
Despised IconConsumed By Your Poison7.22002Allan
Despised IconThe Healing Process6.42005Allan
DestinityXI Reasons To See82010Adam M
DestrageUrban Being7.12009Anna
DestrageThe King Is Fat'N'Old7.52010Adam M
Deströyer 666Wildfire7.52016Adam M
Deströyer 666Cold Steel For An Iron Age82002Allan
Deströyer 666Cold Steel For An Iron Age7.82002Denis
DestructionThe Antichrist72001Chris
DestructionDay Of Reckoning7.42011Kate
DevarAlternate Endings92009Emma
Devils Of BelgradeĐavolja Varoš8.82010Anna
Devin TownsendInfinity81998Michael
Devin TownsendOcean Machine9.51997Michael
Devin TownsendTerria82001Jack
DevlinGrand Death Opening5.92002Allan
DevolvedReprisal7.42012Adam M
DHG (Dødheimsgard)A Umbra Omega82015Brian
Diablo Swing OrchestraPandora's Piñata8.52012Adam M
DiabolicInfinity Through Purification9.52003JD
DiabolicalA Thousand Deaths9.22002Chad
Diabolical MasqueradeDeath's Design102001Chris
Diamond HeadDiamond Head7.52016Adam M
Diary About My NightmaresForbidden Anger6.92010Adam M
Dick Delicious And The Tasty TesticlesBigger Than Ron Jeremy72001Tobias
Dickinson, BruceTyranny Of Souls9.22005Tobias
Dickinson, BruceSkunkworks9.41996Luka
Dickinson, BruceThe Chemical Wedding81998Luka
Dickinson, BruceAccident Of Birth91997Luka
Dies Irae (PL)Immolated92000Chris
Dillinger Escape PlanCalculating Infinity9.51999Allan
Dim MakIntercepting Fist2.22002Allan
Dimension ZeroSilent Night Fever7.42002Michael
Dimmu BorgirIn Sorte Diaboli8.42007Chris
Dimmu BorgirFor All Tid6.51994Michael
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimensions71999Jack
Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia102001Chris
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant8.51997Jack
Dimmu BorgirStormblåst8.51996Jack
Dino Fiorenza It's Important8.22011JD
DiphtheriaTo Wait For Fire92008JD
Disarmonia MundiThe Nebularium / Restless Memoirs8.22009Adam M
Disarmonia MundiThe Isolation Game6.92009Adam M
DischordCasualties Of War92011JD
Disentomb Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim6.52010Adam M
Disgorge (MX)Forensick7.22001Tobias
DisillusionThe Porter7.42002Jack
DisillusionThree Neuron Kings7.62001Jack
DisintegrateDestructive Capacity72009JD
Dismal EuphonyPython Zero62001Tobias
DismemberLive Blasphemies8.92004Tomek
DismemberWhere Ironcrosses Grow6.52004Joshua
DissectionStorm Of The Light's Bane101995Luka
DissectionStorm Of The Light's Bane101995Allan
DissectionThe Somberlain91993Luka
DissectionLive Legacy9.52003Chris
DissenterApocalypse Of The Damned7.22002Jack
DitheistSeduction Of Demons82008JD
DitheistEternity Of Nothingness72015Tomek
Divine AscensionLiberator92014JD
Divine LustDivine Lust4.22002Allan
Divine SoulsThe Bitter Selfcaged Man6.72002Jack
Divine WeepTears Of The Ages82015Arek
DivisionControl Issues8.82010JD
Division By ZeroIndependent Harmony8.92010JD
Doctor ButcherDoctor Butcher9.31994JD
DodecahedronDodecahedron7.92012Adam M
Dol TheetaThe Universe Expands8.42008Wiley
DomainsSinister Ceremonies82014Arek
Dormant OrdealIt Rains, It Pours92013Arek
Dormant OrdealWe Had It Coming92016Arek
DornenreichHer Von Welken Nächten92001Jack
DownDown II9.22002Tobias
Down FactorPure8.42001Denis
DraconianSovran8.52015Adam M
DraconianWhere Lovers Mourn9.22003JD
DraconianArcane Rain Fell92005Jacobo
DragonlordBlack Wings Of Destiny8.82005Chris
DrainlandAnd So Our Troubles Began7.62010Adam M
DrakarLet Draka /The Flight Of The Dragon91990Anna
DraugnimNorthwind's Ire82008JD
DreadlordsDeath Angel7.52014Brian
DreadnaughtDreadnaught6.92009Adam M
Dream EvilThe Book Of Heavy Metal8.62004Jacobo
Dream EvilDragonslayer8.42002Chris
Dream TheaterMetropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory61999Luka
DreamshadeTo The Edge Of Reality8.32008JD
DrownedBelligerent - Part Two: Death And Greed Are United9.72011JD
Drowned Sorrow Fittings At The Coffin Shop92010JD
DrudkhA Furrow Cut Short8.52015Adam M
Drug HonkeyCloak Of Skies9.52017Chris Pratl
Drug HonkeyHail Satan92005Chris Pratl
Dusk (HU)Book Of Satan9.12011JD
Dusk (US)Mourning...Resurrect3.42002Tammy
DvneAsheran7.72017Adam M
DwellersPagan Fruit82014Adam M
DyscarnateAnd So It Came To Pass102012Maciek
DyscarnateWith All Their Might7.62017Adam M
DystrophyWretched Host7.52015Adam M
EarshotLetting Go6.82002Michael
East Of The WallRedaction Artifacts82013Adam M
Ebony TearsEvil As Hell9.82001Tobias
Echelon (AT)Vivito! Creato! Moritor!9.52014Brian
EclectikaDazzling Dawn7.12010JD
EclectikaLure Of Ephemeral Beauty32012Maciek
Eclipse EternalUbermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species92008JD
EclipticAs Of Yet Unknown8.92010JD
EdensongYears In The Garden Of Years82016Adam M
Edge Of SanityCrimson91996Luka
Edge Of SanityCrimson II92003Joshua
EdguyHellfire Club6.22004Joshua
EdguyBurning Down The Opera - Live6.72003Jack
Eibon La FuriesYours Truly ... Eibon La Furies ... From Hell4.32007Wiley
EidolaTo Speak, To Listen7.72017Adam M
EinherjerNorwegian Native Art72000Jack
El CacoHatred, Love & Diagrams8.32012Adam M
ElderLore8.52015Adam M
ElderdawnEmpty Words8.72009JD
Elektrik MistressElektrik Mistress5.22001Tobias
Elenium (PL)Eccentric Soul's Anatomy7.22009Adam M
EljudnerBlod Og Kvad7.62008JD
Eloa VadaathA Bare Reminiscence Of Infected Wonderlands9.12010JD
ElvaronGhost Of A Blood Tie7.42016JD
ElvenkingEra82012Adam M
ElvenstormOf Rage And War8.32012JD
EmancerTwilight And Randomness8.52008Mario
EmbrionalAnnihilation 2007 + Live82014Tomek
EminentDeath Of The Pilgrim9.42010JD
EmpaticGods Of Thousand Souls7.82010Tomek
EmpaticRuined Landscape82014Tomek
EmperorScattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath8.52003Denis
EmperorPrometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise8.52001Jack
EmperorAnthems To The Welkin At Dusk9.51997Luka
EmperorIn The Nightside Eclipse8.51994Michael
EmperorIX Equilibrium81999Adam
Empire Of The ScourgedTranscend Into Oblivion7.32013Brian
EmptinessNothing But The Whole9.52014Chris Pratl
EmptinessNot For Music72017Adam M
Empyrean ThroneDemonseed8.52013David
EncoffinationO' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres8.62011JD
End Of Level BossEklectric62011JD
End Of SeptemberEnd Of September3.42012JD
EndorThe Possession3.61999JD
EndsightA Vicious Circle12013JD
EnforsakenSinner's Intuition8.52006JD
EnsiferumOne Man Army7.52015Adam M
EnslavedMardraum - Beyond The Within102000Allan
EnslavedVikingligr Veldi7.61994Allan
EnslavedBelow The Lights92003Allan
EnslavedRIITIIR92012Adam M
EnslavedAxioma Ethica Odini9.42010Adam M
EnslavedE7.62017Adam M
Enter My SilenceRemotecontrolled Scythe82001Adam
EnthronedXes Haereticum7.82004Joshua
EntombedMorning Star8.82001Tobias
EntombedUnreal Estate7.62005David
EntombedSerpent Saints - The Ten Amendments9.32007JD
EntombedWhen In Sodom92006JD
Entombed A.D.Back To The Front102014Maciek
Entombed A.D.Dead Dawn7.52016Adam M
EntrailsThe Tomb Awaits72011JD
EntrailsRaging Death82013Chris Pratl
EntwineTime of Despair5.62002Tobias
Ephel DuathThe Painter's Palette8.82003Allan
EpicureanA Consequence Of Design92006JD
Epitaph (DE)Fire From The Soul82016JD
Epoch Of UnlightThe Continuum Hypothesis8.82005Joshua
EredIncarnated Horror8.22008JD
EschatonIsolated Intelligence62012JD
Eternal DeformityFrozen Circus7.82007Nick
Eternal Tears Of SorrowChildren Of The Dark Waters92009JD
Eternal WisdomMeditation Of The Cleansing Fire4.62012Brian
Ethereal ArchitectMonolith7.82012Adam M
Ethereal CollapseCategories7.52008JD
Ethereal CollapseBreaching The Citadel4.92006Emma
Eugenic DeathCrimes Against Humanity9.22012JD
Euphoric DefilementAscending To The Worms6.62013Maciek
EvangelistIn Partibus Infidelium9.22011JD
Ever SinceBring Out The Gimp92014Tomek
EvergreyThe Inner Circle3.92004JD
EvergreyThe Storm Within82016Adam M
Evil MachineWar In Heaven9.52013JD
EvilenkoHuman (Disg)Race6.92012JD
EvokenAntithesis Of Light8.82005Aaron
EvokenA Caress Of The Void52007Emma
Ewig FrostRust92009JD
Ex DeoThe Immortal Wars8.22017Adam M
ExcalionPrimal Exhale6.62005JD
ExciterThrash, Speed, Burn5.82008JD
ExhumedDeath Revenge7.72017Adam M
ExhumedAll Guts, No Glory8.42011Adam M
ExmortemPestilence Empire6.52002Allan
ExmortusRide Forth7.52016Adam M
ExodusShovel Headed Tour Machine (Live At Wacken And Other Assorted Atrocities)92010Chris Pratl
ExodusTempo Of The Damned8.62004Chris
ExtolThe Blueprint Dives92005Allan
Extreme DeformityInternal5.51993JD
Eye Of SolitudeSui Caedere9.32012JD
Eyehategod10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke)52001Tobias
Eyes Wide OpenAftermath8.32013Monika

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