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Pa Vesh EnA Ghost6.62018Alex
Pa Vesh EnChurch Of Bones82018Alex
Pa Vesh EnTemple Moon / Pa Vesh En92018Alex
Pagan AltarThe Time Lord8.52004JD
Pagan AltarThe Room Of Shadows7.72017Adam M
PaganizerLand Of Weeping Souls92017Tara
PaganlandWind Of Freedom4.62013JD
Pagan's MindEnigmatic : Calling9.42005JD
PainNothing Remains The Same8.12002Michael
Pain Of SalvationIn The Passing Light Of Day8.22017Adam M
Pale DivinePainted Windows Black92012JD
Pale ForestAnonymous Caesar8.22003Denis
PallbearerHeartless8.12017Adam M
PanchrysiaMassa Damnata9.22011JD
PandemiaPersonal Demon7.22003Adam M
PandoriumThe Human Art Of Depression8.52013Tomek
Panic CellWhat Doesn't Kill Us72007JD
PanopticonAutumn Eternal7.82015Adam M
PanopticonRoads To The North92014Adam M
PanteraVulgar Display Of Power101992Tobias
PanteraCowboys From Hell7.51990Adam
PanychidaWoodland Journey8.82011JD
PanychidaGrief For An Idol9.52013JD
Papercut HomicideFrom Filth Comes Grace7.12003Jack
Paradise LostTragic Idol9.22012Adam M
Paradise LostFaith Divides Us - Death Unites Us9.12009Anna
Paradise LostThe Plague Within92015Adam M
Paradise LostMedusa7.62017Adam M
Paragon Of BeautyComfort Me, Infinity7.52001Jack
Past M.D.Part Time Rebellion8.92008JD
PeccatumAmor Fati82000Michael
PeccatumStrangling From Within51999Jeremy
PeccatumStrangling From Within81999Jack
PegazusIn Metal We Trust8.52011JD
PenanceAlpha And Omega7.42001Denis
PenetrumInstrument Of Delusion8.52018Alex
PentagramFirst Daze Here - The Vintage Collection8.42002Tobias
PentagramTurn To Stone72002Allan
PenumbraThe Last Bewitchment9.62002Denis
PeripheryJuggernaut: Alpha And Omega92015Adam M
PeripheryPeriphery III: Select Difficulty8.52016Adam M
PeripheryPeriphery II: This Time It's Personal7.82012Adam M
Perpetual SufferingPerpetual Suffering0.42004JD
PersefoneAathma7.62017Adam M
PersistenseIn Blood And Heart9.42009JD
PessimistSlaughtering The Faithful2.82002Allan
PhazmAntebellum Death 'N' Roll82006Tomek
Pieds D'ArgileCircumstances & Unexpected Incidents7.82012Adam M
Pig DestroyerProwler In The Yard8.52001Krys
Pig DestroyerBook Burner8.22012Adam M
Pig's BloodA Flock Slaughtered8.72019Alex
Planet XLive From Oz6.22002Allan
Planet XMoonBabies8.42002Allan
PlutoniumDevilmentertainment Non-Stop72011Chris Pratl
PlutoniumBorn Again Misanthrope2.52016JD
Poema ArcanvsIconoclast92002Jack
PortraitCrimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae8.52011Chris Pratl
PossessedSeven Churches91985Brian
Power TripNightmare Logic7.32017Adam M
PowergodThat's Metal Lesson I - Bleed for the Gods4.42001Jack
PrelludeMáquina Do Tempo5.72007JD
PrickrottDust Of Obscure Devastation5.32018JD
Primal FearNuclear Fire72001Tobias
Primal FearBlack Sun8.32002Luka
Primary ColorsSeriously, Fuck You8.32012JD
Primitive ManScorn92013JD
PrimordialSpirit The Earth Aflame8.22000Allan
PrimordialStorm Before Calm9.12002Denis
PrimordialRedemption At The Puritan's Hand9.42011Adam M
PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have Fallen62014Brian
Prodigal EarthZenith II Zero7.82009JD
ProfanaticaAltar Of The Virgin Whore7.82018Alex
Profound SleepKeep It Alive6.52014JD
Progenie Terrestre PuraoltreLuna8.92017Arek
Project: Failing FleshCount Back From Ten6.52009Adam M
Project: Failing FleshA Beautiful Sickness8.92005JD
Prophet AzalElijah Returns4.72011JD
PsychemaThe Entry Point8.82012JD
PsychristDebauching The Minions7.22002Jack
PsycropticThe Inherited Repression5.82012Jason
PsygnosisHuman Be[ing]8.62014Krys
PtahilFor His Satanic Majesty's Glory8.62011JD
Publicist UKForgive Yourself8.52015Adam M
Pungent StenchMasters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin7.22001Krys
PutridityMental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism22007JD
PyramazeContingent8.12017Adam M
QanticeThe Cosmocinesy7.52009JD
QipOn Ephemeral Substrates92015Arek
QueensrÿcheCondition Human8.52015Adam M
QueensrÿcheQueensrÿche8.52013Chris Pratl
Quiet RiotRoad Rage62017JD
QuintessenzBack To The Kult Of The Tyrants9.62013JD
Quo VadisBorn To Die82016Arek
Quo VadisBabel5.92007JD
Rabies CasteLet The Soul Out And Cut The Vein3.82001Adam
Radiation SicknessReflections Of A Psychotic Past8.52012JD
Rage My BitchFell On Black Season6.52011Brad
Rain Fell WithinRefuge4.42002Tammy
Raise HellWicked Is My Game4.62002Allan
RakothTiny Deaths6.82003Jack
RamessesWe Will Lead You To Glorious Times8.42005Aaron
Ram-ZetPure Therapy9.52000Michael
RasgoEcos Da Selva Urbana8.52017Alex
RatbreedEvoke The Blaze72018Alex
RaunchyConfusion Bay62004Tobias
RaunchyA Discord Electric8.62010Monika
Raven Black NightChoose The Dark8.42004JD
RavenscryOne Way Out4.82009JD
RaventhroneEndless Conflict Theorem8.82002Luka
RealmbuilderSummon The Stone Throwers9.12009Anna
RealmbuilderBlue Flame Cavalry92013JD
Red HarvestInternal Punishment Programs7.52004Jack
Red HarvestHyBreed102017Chris Pratl
RedemptionLong Night's Journey Into Day7.82018Adam M
RedemptorThe Jugglernaut9.52014Arek
Regain The Heart CondemnedGlobal Chemotherapy72008JD
RegurgitateCarnivorous Erection102000Krys
ReinXeedWelcome To The Theater9.12012JD
Remain In Silence...And The Soul Goes On0.22016JD
Remembering NeverShe Looks So Good In Red82002Jack
RequiemMask Of Damnation8.62003JD
Requiem EternamVisions Of Eternity92010JD
Requiem EternamStories Of Another Age72011JD
ResurrecturisNon Voglio Morire9.52009JD
Rev 16:8Ashlands72011JD
RevelationNever Comes Silence8.21992JD
ReverenceThe Asthenic Ascension8.82012JD
Reverend KillHis Blood, Our Victory8.52008JD
Reveries EndEmpyreal Form42012JD
RevocationDeathless8.52014Adam M
Rex MundiIHVH6.82011JD
RhapsodyRain Of A Thousand Flames8.52001Jack
RhapsodyPower Of The Dragonflame8.62002Jack
Rhapsody Of FireTriumph Or Agony7.62006JD
Rhapsody Of FireThe Frozen Tears Of Angels92010David
Rings Of SaturnDingir2.62013JD
Rise And ShineEmpty Hand8.12011Anna
Rise To Fall Restore The Balance6.22010JD
Rise To Fall End Vs Beginning8.52015JD
RisingTo Solemn Ash6.12011JD
Rising PainThe Essence Of Decay92009JD
Rising PainWar Of Souls (EP)9.32011JD
Ritual NecromancyDisinterred Horror9.32018Alex
Ritual NecromancyVoid Manifest9.22014Alex
Rivers Of NihilWhere Owls Know My Name8.52018Adam M
RiversideAnno Domini High Definition6.72009JD
RoarbackEchoes Of Pain92014JD
Rob ZombieHellbilly Deluxe7.21998Luka
Robot Lords Of TokyoWhiskey, Blood & Napalm8.62008JD
Rock GoddessIt's More Than Rock And Roll102017Chris Pratl
Rocka RollasConquer8.52012Chris Pratl
Rocking CorpsesRock ‘N’ Rott7.22012JD
RookwoodYou Worship Shit7.82008JD
RootHell Symphony8.11991JD
RootThe Book8.41999JD
Ross The BossHailstorm6.72010Kate
Rotten LiverPurification By Debauchery7.32013JD
Rotten SoundAbuse To Suffer8.52016Arek
Rotting ChristTheogonia92007Tomek
Rotting ChristA Dead Poem8.51997Adam M
Rotting ChristSanctus Diavolos7.22004Aaron
Rotting ChristRituals9.52016Drew
Rotting KingdomRotting Kingdom8.52017Tomek
Royal ThunderWICK7.82017Adam M
Royal ThunderCrooked Doors8.52015Adam M
RunemagickRequiem Of The Apocalypse7.22002Jack
RunemagickDarkness Death Doom7.52003Jack
RunemagickOn Funeral Wings7.62004Jack
RwakeHell Is A Door To The Sun7.92002Jack
S.D.D.Eat It Raw7.92009JD
S.D.D.Slow Drowning5.42010JD
S.O.S.Adult Situations7.82008JD
Sacred DawnGears Of The Machine: A New Beginning9.22008JD
Sacred SteelThe Bloodshed Summoning9.62013JD
Sacred SteelSlaughter Prophecy5.62002Jack
Sacrificial SlaughterGeneration Of Terror72017Tara
SaddiscoreDemons Of The Earth6.52016Arek
Sadistik ForestMorbid Majesties8.12018Alex
Saedus DarknightEmpty6.92008JD
Saint VitusLillie: F-659.62012JD
SalemCollective Demise8.22002Denis
Salt The WoundCarnal Repercussions3.22008JD
Saltatio MortisDas Zweite Gesicht8.22002Denis
SamaelReign Of Light22004Joshua
SammathTriumph In Hatred8.52009JD
SanctuaryInception92017Chris Pratl
SanctuaryThe Year The Sun Died102014Chris Pratl
Sangre EternaAsphyxia4.22012JD
Sanitys DawnMangled In The Meatgrinder8.21998Chad
SarcófagoDecade Of Decay8.61995JD
SarcófagoDecade Of Decay8.51995Chris Pratl
SarsekimFathom The Spheres7.32009Anna
SatanLife Sentence92013Chris Pratl
SatanAtom By Atom82015Adam M
SatanAtom By Atom92015Ryan
Satanic SlaughterBanished To The Underworld8.32002Denis
SatyrasisCreation Of Failure7.62008JD
SatyriconRebel Extravaganza8.51999Luka
SatyriconIntermezzo II4.81999Jack
SatyriconNemesis Divina7.81996Luka
SatyriconDark Medieval Times7.41993Luka
SauronThe Channeling Void7.82007Mario
SavageSons Of Malice82012Chris Pratl
Savage MachiineSinister Redemptions52009JD
SavatagePoets & Madmen72001Tobias
Scale The SummitThe Collective8.42011Adam M
Scar CultureInscribe82001Tobias
Scar SymmetryPitch Black Progress9.22006Krys
ScarecrowFlesheaters III4.82013JD
Scarlet AngerDark Reign82012JD
Scarlet AngerFreak Show82016JD
Scarlet SinsScarlet Sins9.82007JD
ScarredHaunting Memories9.22009JD
ScenteriaArt Of Aggression7.22005Jacobo
ScepticUnbeliever's Script9.12003JD
SchammaschContradiction82014Adam M
ScholomanceThe Immortality Murder8.82002Krys
ScimitarBlack Waters8.62010JD
ScissorfightPotential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare7.12002Allan
Scum SentinelScumshot1.62012JD
Secrets Of The MoonSun82015Brian
Secrets Of The SkyPathway92015Adam M
Secrets Of The SkyPathway82015Brian
SeerVol. 69.22019Alex
SeidrFor Winter Fire8.32011Adam M
Seizure CryptUnder The Gun22008JD
SelftortureDead Center7.92006JD
SentencedThe Cold White Light7.22002Michael
SeparatistThe Motionless Apocalypse8.12008JD
Septic FleshSumerian Daemons9.62003Denis
Septic FleshCommunion8.42008JD
Septic FleshTitan8.52014Adam M
Septic FleshMystic Places Of Dawn81994Adam M
Septic FleshCodex Omega7.62017Adam M
SepulturaMachine Messiah7.32017Adam M
SepulturaChaos A.D.81993Adam
SepulturaBeneath The Remains9.51989Adam
SepulturaDead Embryonic Cells71991Adam
SepulturaMorbid Visions51986Adam
SerberusIn Eternity62000Luka
SerberusOur Dying Grace62001Luka
Serial ButcherSerial Butcher62002JD
Serpent ObsceneChaos Reign Supreme6.82006Mario
SetherialHell Eternal71999Luka
Seventh SinStranger Among Gods7.42010JD
Severe TortureMisanthropic Carnage72002Denis
Shade EmpireZero Nexus9.62008JD
ShadowForever Chaos92008JD
Shadows FallThe Art Of Balance7.22002Allan
Shadows FallThe War Within9.62004Bryan
Shadows FallThe War Within9.52004JD
Shadows FallOf One Blood72000Adam
Shadows Of ParagonThrough The Valley Within8.52009JD
Shai HuludMisanthropy Pure6.52008Adam M
Shape Of DespairAngels Of Distress9.22001Krys
Shattered HopeAbsence92010Anna
She RidesShe Rides5.52008Adam M
ShiningIII - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie5.22002Allan
Shining8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd72013JD
ShiningIX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends82015Brian
Ship Of FoolsLet's Get This Mother Outta Here7.82002Allan
Ship Of FoolsLet's Get This Mother Outta Here8.52002Denis
ShokkerIII92017Chris Pratl
SickSatanism. Sickness. Solitude.82008JD
Sick Black AutomaticCaught In The Black92018Chris Pratl
Sidus TenebrarumBorn From The Dark Rib5.92009JD
Sidus TenebrarumDimlight8.32004JD
SiebenburgenRevelation VI8.82008JD
Siege A.D.Infernal Eclipse8.12008JD
Siege Of HateSubversive By Nature6.62005Adam M
SighIn Somniphobia8.92012Adam M
SighImaginary Sonicscape102001Tobias
Sign Of The JackalBreaking The Spell92018Chris Pratl
Signs Of DarknessThe Age Of Decay9.52015JD
SikThThe Future In Whose Eyes?7.72017Adam M
SilencerThe Great Bear8.92012JD
Silent EdgeThe Eyes Of The Shadow82003Jack
SilentiumAmortean7.52008Adam M
Silver CypherCryptic Characters6.62009JD
Sin City SinnersExile On Fremont Street8.62010JD
Sinai BeachImmersed5.22005Joshua
Sindrome (US)Resurrection: The Complete Collection102016Chris Pratl
SinergyTo Hell And Back32000Tobias
SinergySuicide By My Side7.62002Krys
Sinful CarrionJust-World Hypothesis82014Arek
Sinfully YoursSinfully Yours6.92011JD
SinisterCreative Killings7.22001Krys
SinisterCreative Killings7.82001Denis
SinisterSyncretism7.72017Adam M
Sinister CreedDivine Lies8.72000JD
Sinister CreedThe Book Of Noctubane8.62009JD
Sinister RealmWorld Of Evil9.82013JD
SinistroSangue Cassia7.82018Adam M
SinnerThere Will Be Execution5.22003Allan
SinnerOne Bullet Left8.82011JD
Sins Of OmissionFlesh On Your Bones8.82001Denis
SireniaThe Seventh Life Path7.52015Adam M
SiriusSpectral Transition - Dimension Sirius8.72001Chad
Sisters Of...The Serpent, The Angel, The Adversary82015Adam M
SisthemaThe Fourth Discontinuity42001Tobias
Six Degrees Of SeparationOf Us8.62010JD
Six Feet DeepThe Road Less Traveled7.51996Adam
Six Feet UnderTrue Carnage52001Tobias
Six Feet Under1382005Alexi
Six Feet UnderUnborn8.52013Death8699
Six Feet UnderUnborn8.62013Krys
Six Feet UnderCrypt Of The Devil8.52015Death8699
Six Feet UnderUndead92012JD
Six MagicsBehind The Sorrow9.52010JD
Sixguns Over TombstonePutting Revenge On The Map3.42009JD
SixonesixScarred Minds3.52010JD
SkeletonwitchForever Abomination9.42011JD
SkeletonwitchSerpents Unleashed8.32013Adam M
SkinlabRevolting Room6.82002Luka
SkinlessSavagery7.52018Adam M
SkinnedShadow Syndicate8.42018Alex
SkogenSkuggorna Kallar7.52018Alex
SkulldrainHatred Rising7.52017Tomek
SKWAlter Ego5.22004JD
SlagmaurVon Rov Shelter102009Shaytan
Slave ZeroExempt From All Tolerance7.12009JD
SlayerGod Hates Us All7.62001Luka
SlayerSeasons In The Abyss81990Luka
SlayerUndisputed Attitude71996Luka
SlayerDiabolus In Musica81998Luka
SlayerDivine Intervention61994Luka
SlayerStill Reigning102004Krys
Sleepers' GuiltSleepers' Guilt7.42012JD
Sleepers' GuiltRoad Of Emptiness9.12013JD
Sleeping VillageFragments82010Wiley
SleeplessWinds Blow Higher8.42001Jack
SlipknotMate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.7.21997Adam
SlothSlow As Shit32015Wiley
Slough FegTraveller7.62003Denis
SnewSnew You3.52008JD
SodomEpitome Of Torture52013Chris Pratl
SoenLykaia8.22017Adam M
SoenLotus8.22019Adam M
Soilent GreenInevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction82008JD
Soilent GreenDeleted Symphony For The Beaten Down6.52001Tobias
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos102002Adam
SoilworkChainheart Machine102000Krys
SoilworkSteelbath Suicide101998Michael
SoilworkPredator's Portrait102001Krys
SoilworkStabbing The Drama4.62005Alexi
SoilworkFigure Number Five72003Tobias
SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast4.62010JD
SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast82010Death8699
SoilworkVerkligheten7.92019Adam M
Solace Of RequiemCasting Ruin92014JD
Soldiers Of ScrapeOperation: Shifting Gears9.52008JD
Soldiers Of ScrapeOperation: Shifting Gears82008Drew
SolefaldWorld Metal. Kosmopolis Sud9.52015Brian
SolefaldPills Against The Ageless Ills4.82001Jack
SólstafirÓtta92014Adam M
SólstafirBerdreyminn8.22017Adam M
SolsticeWhite Horse Hill7.82018Adam M
Somber SerenitySingular7.82001Jack
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's Guild9.22003JD
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's Guild82003Adam
Sonata ArcticaSilence102001Krys
Sonata ArcticaSuccessor82000Krys
Sonata ArcticaEcliptica92000Krys
Sonic DebrisVelvet Thorns72000Jack
Sons Of ApolloPsychotic Symphony7.62017Adam M
SophicidePerdition Of The Sublime8.72012JD
SorceryArrival At Six9.52013Chris Pratl
SoreptionEngineering The Void92014Tomek
SotajumalaDeathchain / Sotajumala4.92010JD
SothothRise To Conquer82015Arek
Soul EmbracedImmune6.72003Allan
SoulcageSoul For Sale7.92009JD
SoulflyRitual7.82018Adam M
SoulscarCharacter Assassination6.52002Adam
SourceReturn To Nothing82016Adam M
Spawn Of PossessionIncurso9.42012JD
Spawn Of PossessionIncurso6.42012Adam M
Spectrum MortisBlasphemare Nomen Eius9.82016Alex
Spectrum Mortisקדוש92018Alex
SpeedblowBehold The Darkness102014JD
Splattered MermaidsStench Of Flesh52008JD
SquealerUnder The Cross8.12002Jack
StalwartManifest Of Refusal9.92012JD
Stampin' GroundA New Darkness Upon Us5.62003Adam
Star Of AshIter.Viator.8.92002Denis
Star OneSpace Metal7.82002Tobias
Steel AttackPredator Of The Empire6.92003Jack
Steel ProphetBook Of The Dead62001Tobias
SterbhausAngels For Breakfast… And God For Lunch9.52012JD
StillbornLos Asesinos Del Sur8.82011JD
StillbornCrave For Killing7.52018Alex
Stone EdgeSpeeeeed!!6.82005JD
Stone MagnumStone Magnum9.82012JD
StonecastInherited Hell7.22009JD
StonehavenConcerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes5.42012JD
Stoner WitchRequest From Their Satanic Majesty92009JD
Storm KingAngels Of Enmity7.62009Adam M
StormcrowEnslaved In Darkness7.32005Brad
StormnattThe Crimson Sacrament 62009Emma
StormwarriorHeathen Warrior82011JD
Straight HateEvery Scum Is A Straight Arrow82016Arek
Straight Line StitchWhen Skies Wash Ashore62008JD
Strapping Young LadCity81997Michael
Strapping Young LadHeavy As A Really Heavy Thing71995Adam
Strapping Young LadAlien102005Tobias
Strapping Young LadSYL8.62003Michael
Stuck MojoDeclaration Of A Headhunter8.82000Adam
StyggelseHeir Today - God Tomorrow92010Anna
Sublime Cadaveric DecompositionII5.62003Allan
SubRosaFor This We Fought The Battle Of Ages8.52016Adam M
Suffering SoulsSadistic Goat Complex8.12009JD
Suffocation...Of The Dark Light7.32017Adam M
Suicidal AngelsSanctify The Darkness8.62009Kate
Suicide NoteYou're Not Looking So Good7.42002Allan
SuidakraThe Arcanum7.52000Jack
SuidakraBook Of Dowth7.62011Adam M
SulphurThorns In Existence8.72009JD
SulphurThorns In Existence82009Chris Pratl
Sulphur AeonGateway To The Antisphere92015Arek
SumerlandsSumerlands7.52016Adam M
Summon…And The Blood Runs Black5.62003Allan
SummoningLet Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame7.22001Jack
SummoningDol Guldur81996Luka
SummoningOld Mornings Dawn102013Maciek
SummoningOld Mornings Dawn9.92013Chris Pratl
Sun Of The BlindSkullreader7.52009Anna
Sunn 0)))Flight Of The Behemoth8.22002Tobias
Sunn 0)))Oracle92007Mario
Supreme PainDivine Incarnation92011JD
SurtrPulvis Et Umbra92013JD
Survivors ZeroReclaim My Heritage8.52009JD
SutureSkeletal Vortex8.62008JD
SutureSkeletal Vortex82008Death8699
SvartahridEx Inferi8.32010JD
SvartsynTimeless Reign82007Mario
SvarttjernMisanthropic Path Of Madness8.12009JD
Swallow The SunNew Moon7.82009Adam M
Swallow The SunEmerald Forest And The Blackbird9.42012Maciek
SykodeA Few Seconds Of Delusion7.22010JD
SylosisMonolith8.12012Adam M
SylosisDormant Heart92015Adam M
SylvaineWistful82016Adam M
Sylvan RealmThe Lodge Of Transcendence7.42011Adam M
Symphony XV: The New Mythology Suite8.42000Allan
Symphony XThe Divine Wings Of Tragedy8.21997Allan
SyrachDays Of Wrath9.52007JD
System Of A DownSystem Of A Down71998Michael
TaakeOver Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik62002Michael
Tad MoroseModus Vivendi82003Krys
Tad MoroseMatters Of The Dark7.62002Allan
Tales Of The OldThe Passageway From Hell To Earth6.92012JD
Tank 86Rise8.62011Tomek
Tank 86Obey82015Tomek
Tardive DyskinesiaThe Sea Of See Through Skins5.42009Emma
TarthariaFlashback - X Years In Hell7.52014Tomek
TearsMemories Of Things Unnecessary7.32010Adam M
TearsUnravelling Travesties92010JD
TeethingWe Will Regret This Someday82017Arek
TeleportThe Expansion82018Alex
TeleportGalactic Usurper6.52011Chris Pratl
TempelThe Moon Lit Our Path8.52015Adam M
Temple MoonPa Vesh En / Temple Moon92018Alex
Temple NightsideRecondemnation92018Alex
Temple Of VoidLords Of Death8.22017Alex
Temujin1000 Tears7.52008JD
Tennessee Murder ClubCarving A Legacy92011JD
Terra TenebrosaV.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels92014Brian
Terra TenebrosaThe Reverses9.52016Brian
TerranautChaosophy / Terranaut8.22018Alex
Terror 2000Faster Disaster72002Adam
Terror 2000Slaughterhouse Supremacy7.42000Adam
TestamentThe Gathering71999Luka
TestamentFirst Strike Still Deadly92001Luka
TestamentThe Formation Of Damnation9.82008JD
TestamentDark Roots Of Earth9.52012Chris Pratl
TestamentBrotherhood Of The Snake82016Szymon
TestimonyTranscending Reality8.32012JD
TestimonyTranscending Reality62012Chris Pratl
ThanatosJustified Genocide8.62009Tomek
ThanatosAngelic Encounters9.62000Maciek
The 11th HourLacrima Mortis8.92012Adam M
The Agony SceneThe Agony Scene6.42003Allan
The Antiprism The Antiprism7.42009Anna
The BatallionStronghold Of Men8.52008Mario
The BerzerkerDissimulate7.42002Allan
The Black Sorcery...And The Beast Spake Death From Above72018Alex
The Blood DivineRise Pantheon Dreams6.62002Allan
The Blood DivineRise Pantheon Dreams8.62002Denis
The BodyReleased From Love (Thou / The Body)82014Ryan
The Clan DestinedIn The Big Ending8.22009JD
The ContortionistClairvoyant7.72017Adam M
The County Medical ExaminersForensic Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys6.22002Allan
The CrestLetters From Fire9.22002Denis
The CrownHell Is Here9.21998Chad
The CrownDeathrace King92000Adam
The CrownCrowned In Terror9.22002Tobias
The CrownCrowned Unholy9.62004Tobias
The CrownPossessed 138.42003Adam
The Day Of The BeastDay Of The Beast,The7.52008JD
The DeadThe Dead92007JD
The DefacedKarma In Black8.72003Jack
The DefacedDomination Commence8.22001Krys
The Devil's BloodThe Thousandfold Epicentre8.22011Adam M
The Devin Townsend BandAccelerated Evolution8.62003Jack
The DivisionThe Embrace6.52010JD
The DrivenGravity Clock4.22002Krys
The Elysian FieldsSuffering G.O.D. Almighty8.82005Joshua
The Engines Of ArmageddonThe Engines Of Armageddon8.62009Emma
The EverscathedThe Devil's Cross8.82008JD
The ForsakenArt Of Desolation8.82002Krys
The ForsakenManifest Of Hate5.52001Adam
The ForsakenTraces Of The Past7.22004Jacobo
The Funeral PyreDecember8.12009JD
The GatheringSouvenirs92003Allan
The GatheringHow To Measure A Planet?81998Adam
The Ghost InsideFury And The Fallen Ones6.92008JD
The Great DeceiverA Venom Well Designed72002Allan
The Green Evening Requiem Decomposer7.52010JD
The HauntedRevolver92004Tobias
The HauntedOne Kill Wonder8.42003Michael
The HauntedStrength In Numbers7.62017Adam M
The HordeFrom Empire To Ashes62008JD
The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam7.22002Allan
The KovenantSETI7.72003Michael
The KovenantIn Times Before The Light102002Denis
The KovenantNexus Polaris8.41998Luka
The KovenantNexus Polaris101998Denis
The KovenantAnimatronic7.32000Michael
The Last FelonyToo Many Humans7.42010JD
The Lion's DaughterExistence Is Horror82016Adam M
The Living FieldsRunning Out Of Daylight8.82011JD
The Loving TongueShadows Of Innocence8.22009JD
The MaledictDread82015Adam M
The MassCity Of Dis4.62003Aaron
The Meads Of AsphodelBones Of This Land Are Not Speechless / English Black Punk Metal8.72010JD
The Meads Of AsphodelThe Murder Of Jesus The Jew8.72010Adam M
The Mighty NimbusThe Mighty Nimbus8.42005Aaron
The Monolith DeathcultThe Apotheosis7.22003Jack
The New DominionProcreating The Undivine92013Tomek
The ObsessedSacred7.42017Adam M
The OceanPelagial92013Adam M
The OceanPhanerozoic I: Palaeozoic8.62018Adam M
The Old Dead TreeThe Nameless Disease8.62003Denis
The Old Dead TreeThe Water Fields3.52007JD
The Orchid's CurseVoices: Tales Of A Broken Man9.42010JD
The Orchid's CurseWords7.82013JD
The PhysicistsObservation1.92011JD
The Pineapple ThiefYour Wilderness82016Adam M
The ProphecyInto The Light9.52009JD
The ProvenanceStill At Arms Length8.72002Allan
The PurifictionThe Purifiction2.72012JD
The ReckoningCounterblast82008JD
The Red ChordFused Together In Revolving Doors8.62002Allan
The Red KingVitreolvm8.62002Denis
The Resurrection SorrowScorpion Savior Sessions8.12011JD
The RiseSignal To Noise7.52002Jack
The RottedAd Nauseam8.72011JD
The Ruins Of BeverastBlood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer82013Adam M
The SeventhCursed Earth Wasteland8.42007JD
The Sign Of The Southern CrossI Carry The Fire7.52011Kate
The Sixth ChamberCrippled Souls8.92013JD
The SkullThe Endless Road Turns Dark7.92018Adam M
The StoneNekroza92014Arek
The Sunwashed AvenuesCult Of The Black Sun6.52011JD
The WargasmHolocaust Infernalium8.82010JD
The WoundedMonument7.72002Jack
The WoundedThe Art Of Grief42000Tobias
The Wounded KingsThe Shadow Over Atlantis8.52010Emma
The Wounded KingsIn The Chapel Of The Black Hand7.52011Anna
Theatre Of TragedyMusique32000Krys
Theatre Of TragedyMusique42000Tobias
TheocracyMirror Of Souls82008JD
Theory In PracticeColonizing The Sun102002Chad
Theory In PracticeThe Armageddon Theories91999Adam
TherionSymphony Masses:Ho Drakon Ho Megas8.71993JD
TherionSecret Of The Runes6.62001Tobias
TherionLemuria / Sirius B6.22004Joshua
ThineIn Therapy8.22002Allan
ThorngothRauhnacht6.52008Adam M
ThorniumMushroom Clouds And Dusk72009Emma
ThorniumFides Luciferius8.42010JD
ThouReleased From Love (The Body / Thou)82014Ryan
Three SixesKnow God, No Peace...7.52014JD
ThresholdLegends Of The Shire7.72017Adam M
ThroaatReflections In Darkness92017Tara
ThroneaeonNeither Of Gods92001Krys
Through Her EyesWinter Of Ashes6.52010JD
ThulcandraAscension Lost82015Adam M
ThunderwarBlack Storm82016Arek
ThundraBlood Of Your Soul102000Jack
ThurisazScent Of A Dream92004JD
ThurisazCircadian Rhythm8.42007Krys
Thy CatafalqueGeometria9.72018Alex
Thy InfernalWarlords Of Hell72001Chad
ThyraneSymphonies Of Infernality91999Chad
TiamatJudas Christ8.52002Luka
TiamatThe Scarred People8.42012Adam M
TidfallInstinct Gate6.82001Tobias
Time LurkerTime Lurker82017Tomek
Timo TolkkiHymn To Life5.82002Krys
TMEWorlds Collide82007Krys
To ElysiumDearest Vile7.82002Jack
To The Pain782015JD
Today I Caught The PlagueMs. Mary Mallon5.42009Emma
Today Is The DayIn The Eyes Of God91999Michael
Tomb MoldManor Of Infinite Forms8.12018Alex
TombtokerCoffin Texts8.22018Alex
Tor MarrockDestroy The Soul92013JD
TorokBinge & Purge7.62001Krys
Torture KillerSewers9.12009JD
Torture RackMalefic Humiliation5.92018Alex
Totten KorpsTharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels4.22001Allan
Towards Global HolocaustEver Onwards...3.32009Emma
Towards Global HolocaustFeuersturm4.12010Adam M
Toxic HolocaustConjure And Command92011JD
Toxik AttackAssassinos Em Série6.72019Alex
Trail Of TearsOscillation72013Roslyn G
Trail Of TearsA New Dimension Of Might8.82002Denis
Transcending Bizarre?The Misanthrope's Fable9.72010JD
Transcending Bizarre?The Serpent's Manifolds8.42008Tomek
Transcending Bizarre?The Serpent's Manifolds8.22008Adam M
Trap ThemCrown Feral72016Adam M
TraumaKarma Obscura9.62013Krys
TribulationDown Below82018Tara
TriptykonMelana Chasmata9.52014Adam M
TristaniaWidow's Weeds7.71998Adam M
TristaniaBeyond The Veil91999Jack
TristaniaWorld Of Glass92001Jack
TristaniaDarkest White9.52013Roslyn G
Truchło StrzygiNad Którymi Nie Czuwa Żaden Stróż8.82019Alex
TsjuderDesert Northern Hell7.42004Aaron
Twelfth Of NeverThings That Were82003Denis
Twins CrewTwin Demon9.42009JD
Twisted Tower DireMake It Dark82011Adam M
Type O NegativeDead Again7.62007Tomek
TyphoidDeoxyribonucleic Accident6.32002JD
TystnadenIn Our Eye52008JD

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