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Nexhymn - Black Horizon

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MB Rating: 7.5
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User Rating: 7.7
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Type: EP
Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Label: Self Released
Categories: Death
7.7 out of 10 / 3 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Tomek on 1/25/2017 10:06:11 AM

Ive been doing some updating on our site lately and Nexhymn needed some attention. For those of you out there that dont know the band - here are some facts that you may want to know. Nexhymn was formed by Throcult guitarist Ivan Alcala (which released some albums and generated some interest earlier in the 2000s) and plays brutal, relentless, a no-nonsense death metal. According to their Facebook profile, there was going to be an album coming out in 2016, but I cannot find anything anywhere about it at this time. Im going to be on the lookout for their new release, but for now were gonna concentrate on their EP Black Horizon - which came out in 2012 and is currently spinning in my CD player.

Whole thing lasts a little over twenty minutes, but with the intensity of it its more than plenty. Brutal death metal from the first riff to the last, with furious drumming that is going from insane blast beats through more technical arrangements; but always bringing the right dynamic to the forefront either when they are going a hundred miles per hour or crush with the slow mangle. Riffs are brutal and unforgiving on this release, and with only six songs being presented here it seems that this was just a tip of an iceberg and there is way more of it from where it came from. Combination of those with a rumble of drums and pounding of the bass is a perfect storm of aggressiveness, but there one more element that puts this release over the top - vocals. There are only a few of female vocalists that can do what Holly Wedel is able to do and there is a whole plethora of guys that try and do what she is capable of doing - but yet fall short. Her deep, vicious, inhuman and punishing growl may not be most original, but it can grind a brick to dust and shell smile while doing it. As a matter of fact, everything on this little EP seems to be coming exactly where it should be and when it should - so listening to it is a blast (pun intended).

"Uncompromising, straightforward, ferocious and without a single moment to give you a break" would be a really good way to introduce this release, so if you decide to give it a shot you better be ready. I wonder what happened with the new album and why was it delayed. Im going to dig a little deeper into the vastness of the internet and try to find out more but as for now Im going back to Black Horizon.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10