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Amon - Liar In Wait

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Eye Of The Infinite
Lash Thy Tongue And Vomit Lies
Liar In Wait Sound
Reaching For Flesh
Semblance Of Man
Sentience And Sapience
Spat Forth From The Darkness
Wraith Of Gaia

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 23rd, 2012
Label: Self Released
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Death8699 on 4/10/2019 11:32:34 AM

Damn, I was highly disappointed when I got this CD. I was expecting a progression musically with the Hoffman brothers, but I was ravenously mistaken. What we have here in a conglomeration of putrid riffs that are just stacked together and bear no real significance in an artistic metaphysical sense. These guys have amassed no songs here that are worthy of praise. A bunch of tremolo picked frenzies with fast blast beat drumming that really goes nowhere. You can listen to this repeatedly and still form the same opinion about it. It doesn't get better the more that you listen to it.

Maybe 3-4-minute songs that are put together so poorly by these guys showing no admiration by me when I expected was a winner in the purest sense. Highly overrated, the music on here just makes no sense. Riffs are just going nowhere, and the Hoffman brothers should just quit, kind of like how they regressed in Deicide. I cannot find a song on here that has any real noteworthiness or meaningful guitar riffs that they once were so great in creating. I'm not sure who is worse now, Deicide or Amon. Both are pretty rancid in their playing abilities and total lack of songwriting skills.

Nothing stood out here musically, the vocals were monotonous deep throat grunts with occasional backup screams, but really nothing that fits in on this album. I was ferociously pissed off when I heard this. It is definitely due to the total lack of ingenuity and intelligence in song structures. These guys just wanted to put something out there and hope that fans of Deicide would capitalize on Amon and flock to them, rather than their former band. They sound like newer Deicide with no balls. Sure, the solos were good as usual, I mean immaculate, but just all over the fretboard and nothing really to show for during the riffs the were so poorly played out.

The production sound is decent and all of the instruments were well mixed together, but the overall sound was kind of flat. Musically, this release is just a disaster. I mean it's an insult to the death metal community and other people that are into death metal should steer clear of this album. Don't dish out what they want for you to buy and expect to be a revenge against Deicide. The Hoffman brothers seemed to not spend much time forming their riffs so that listeners can decipher what's being played and is symbolic. There is no innovation in writing abilities here. A total waste of an album.

In summation, this band deserves no praise for their efforts. To me, they totally failed in pretty much all aspects. They showed nothing in the riffs that were well thought out or noteworthy, they just slapped a bunch of idiotic sounds and expected to make meaningful songs out of it. There was nothing about this album that I truly enjoyed. Nothing, I mean NOTHING stood out in terms of any of the riffs making sense or were well thought out. A total abomination and destruction of death metal insulting the genre just to cash in and make a couple more bucks from death metal or Deicide fans. Both deserve their place in hell, they earned it with this piece of crap album. I'd advise not getting it!

Rating: 5.5 out of 10