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Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls

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MB Rating: 5
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User Rating: 5.6
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Redeemer Of Souls
Halls Of Valhalla
Sword Of Damocles
March Of The Damned
Down In Flames
Hell & Back
Cold Blooded
Secrets Of The Dead
Battle Cry
Beginning Of The End

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 8th, 2014
Label: Sony Music
Categories: Heavy
5.6 out of 10 / 14 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Chris on 7/12/2014

After seeing all those eights and nines in so called 'big' metal magazines, I decided to get myself a copy and see what this fuzz is all about. By now I should have known better that high scores to sell magazines and acquire advertisers rarely translate into actual quality of the material. Damn it, I got tricked again!

OK, I wasn't expecting Ram it Down or Painkiller, I abandoned that hope around the turn of the century, but this must be one of the least exciting pieces of music I've heard in a while (from well established band). There was not a single track that I wanted to hit repeat while listening to Redeemer Of Souls, not even one! What's worse, more than on one occasion I actually was tempted to skip a few, and only because I was writing this review I forced myself to hear the whole thing. I don't want to be mean or rude here but these days there are more dynamic and aggressive songs on alternative radio. Most of the compositions are just boring, unimaginative patchwork of notes with ordinary riffs, only from time to time saved by a nice lead or a solo. Halford's voice lost its teeth long time ago and this time around he generally stays in a safe zone simply singing dull vocal lines without any vigor or zest. Dreadful drumming lacking excitement or meaningful tempo changes tops this gem. Sure I can find few interesting riffs or above average melodies like in Hail of Valhalla or some passion from Halford in Sword of Damocles, but this album clocks over an hour and this is Judas Priest not a debut release from unknown band. Trust me, if it wasn't for band's name, most of you wouldn't even look at this thing to start with. And that pretty much says it all, Redeemer Of Souls is a record for diehard fans only with a very strong emphasis on "diehard", but I don't see any new metal maniacs turning their heads towards this band after that record.

Even though I haven't heard anything special from Judas Priest in years, this will still be my disappointment of the year. With a few exceptions, Redeemer Of Souls is mundane and boring with uninspired songwriting and not the best production to top it all. It's almost like they knew that's not our best material so let's mud the mix a little.

Rating: 5 out of 10