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Sylosis - Dormant Heart

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MB Rating: 9
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User Rating: 8.8
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Where The Wolves Come To Die
Victims And Pawns
Dormant Heart
To Build A Tomb Video
Mercy Video
Callous Souls
Pillars Erode
Zero (Smashin' Pumpkins Cover)

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: January 12th, 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast
Categories: Thrash, Melodic, Death
8.8 out of 10 / 8 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Adam M on 5/13/2015
Sylosis proved themselves to be a very capable band on Edge of the Earth in particular. What this new album Dormant Heart does is increase the number of memorable songs twofold and allows the band to disperse their vision of an atmosphere to their highest capability.

One might be surprised, but the added focus on the small nuances that binds the songs together is actually the element that allows Sylosis to fully come into form. With a number of the great aspects of the bandís last two albums now pieced together, the band is able to release their Master of Puppets. Adding to this statement is a powerful production job that allows the band to fully realize their sound. Dormant Heart contains a nice number of standouts such as the memorable Mercy, the dark and compelling Leech, the interesting Indoctrinated and the subtle closing number Quiescent. This already doubles Edge of the Earth and its two top notch tracks. Itís unfortunate that the band will be losing their drummer because he does a fine job complementing the guitar work on this album. Musically, Sylosis is tight as nails on this album. The other thing that Sylosis has going for them is that they perform a modern brand of thrash that is appropriate to carry the genre into its future eras. The sound of the band, while somewhat derivative in places, is very different in nature then a number of other bands performing the style at the present moment. The somewhat foreboding atmosphere is perfectly complemented by the brash guitar band that Sylosis uses. This results in songs that both retain the proper mood and also have a catchy element to them. Any aspect of hardcore that remains from the bandís past is driven down by the power and variety that Sylosis is capable of conjuring.

Since Sylosis is still underrated in this reviewerís opinion, hopefully this review gets people to check this artist out. I anxiously await the ÖAnd Justice for All that still potentially remains in their future, as there is still much room for more progressive elements, for example, to still be added to their repertoire.

Rating: 9 out of 10