The Book Of Suffering (Tome 1) CanadaCountry Of Origin: Canada
Cryptopsy - The Book Of Suffering (Tome 1)

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Detritus (The One They Kept) Video
The Knife, The Head And What Remains
Halothane Glow
Framed By Blood

Type: EP
Release Date: October 30th, 2015
Label: Independent
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Adam M on 10/29/2015
Cryptopsy bring a very abrasive approach to the table. It is technical, yet visceral in nature. The songs here are hard hitting and make the best of the short 4 song run time. Iíve always thought of Cryptopsyís song-structures as somewhat chaotic and this isnít about to change here.

The dizzying guitar and drum work is sometimes compelling, but at other times over the top. It doesnít quite reach high levels of over-indulgence, but there certainly could be some tightening up involved. This is how the band performs, however, and the sort of disjointed aspect does indeed help the bandís sound at times. Cryptopsy perform some of the fastest and most brutal death metal and this can be seen across this EP. The sound is certainly of the new type with more robotic sounding riffs appearing here. There hasnít been much of a change to the core sound on recent releases and for the most part this continues the trend. The Knife, The Head and What Remains for example brings the same up-tempo carnage that could be found in songs from the s/t album or ÖAnd Then Youíll Beg. Though the EP can be a fun listen at times, one wishes this band would bring more cohesion to the table.

The frenetic brutally of the band is nice, but when compared to the likes of other brutal releases like River of Nihil's Monarchy, the overall sound doesnít bond quite as brilliantly. This makes Cryptopsy the type of band that would be better to listen to in pieces because an entire song is never completely conceived. Still, you could do far worse as a choice for your brutal death metal listening experience. There are many moments on this album that are undeniably a complete blast to listen to. It just seems that this band could perform an even higher quality if they tightened the screws a bit.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10