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Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Mike LePond's Silent Assassins

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Apocalypse Rider
Red Death Sound
The Quest
The Outsider
Silent Assassins
The Progeny
Oath Of Honor

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 26th, 2014
Label: Moonlight Production
Categories: Power
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MetalBite Review by JD on 12/30/2015
Symphony X is one band that always has surprised me at the lack of press it got. As a unit, the band is a beast, matching talent with such bands as Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree and seemingly besting them with each release. Now that the Symphony X bassist Mike LePond has his own project unleashed to the masses I guess this will be something to behold.

Gathering up a hand selected group of musicians (Metal Mike Chlasciak, Michael Romeo, Alan Tecchio) Mr. LePond then begins his work. With traditional NWOBHM metal as a framework, LePond and Co. adds in power, thrash, progressive elements with some other more obscure elements of Arabic and some medieval ideas. The music never settles, and yet is always so deliciously inviting.

With an album full of incredible songs, it took me some time to pick the ones to hold up as stand-out. The Arabic flavored bass opening to "Red Death" by Mike is the first one (I am a bassist – no brainer). The opening leads you until the main part of song swells out and explodes, and takes you on a metal journey. The other song, "Silent Assassins", is a combination Metallica/ Iron Maiden feel with this odd tone of Dragonforce that is so good – you forget the influences and the passion of the song is what you are left with. The other tracks are strong as hell and should not be forgotten, leading me to say to listen to the album right through.

I cannot tell you how much this album excites me, and how badly I want each of you to pick up your own copy or download it to hear yourself. I love Symphony X but Mr. LePond’s solo project just might have eclipsed his main band. This is a beast of a project, one that he should never let die.
The metal world would be thankful, if he kept it going.

Rating: 9 out of 10