Ghost Mile AustraliaCountry Of Origin: Australia
Voyager (AU) - Ghost Mile

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MB Rating: 8.2
[1 Vote(s)]

User Rating: 8
[3 Vote(s)]
Ascension Sound
Misery Is Only Company Sound
The Fragile Serene
To The Riverside
Ghost Mile Sound
What A Wonderful Day
This Gentle Earth (1981)
As The City Takes The Night

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 12th, 2017
Label: Independent
Categories: Progressive
8 out of 10 / 3 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Adam M on 5/19/2017 11:40:38 AM

Voyager cruises forward with more solid progressive music. The songs are like ear candy and will ingrain themselves in your brain. Ghost Mile is the kind of album that is crazily addictive and wonít get out of your head. It has streamlined guitar work that is complemented by wonderful keyboards in a manner that elevates the music. In fact, all elements of the musical experience are top notch here. There is an intertwining to the instruments that is wonderful to behold and makes them poignant upon their intersection. The songs are relatively simplistic for progressive metal, but this just makes them excellently streamlined.

Voyager has developed this straightforward prog approach and it is perfected to the utmost degree here. The riffs are really neat sounding and have a easy to listen to factor added to them. This leads to a sound that is distinctive and clearly the one that Voyager performs. Musically, the elements all come together. Most notably is the vocals, which are very commercial sounding, yet add to the atmosphere of the songs. The guitar riffs are also somewhat candy coated and are very accessible sounding. The overall sound of the band is like nothing else and is commendable. The only problem with this disc is that it sounds much like the bandís other material. There is very little deviation from a strong template that is formed and this is still welcome because one accepts this music as the strong stuff it is.

Voyager is a nice entry to the progressive metal genre because they fill the gap for this type of a straightforward band. Donít think the music is simple, however, as there are tons of breakdowns and the band has a futuristic sound that is somewhat difficult to pigeonhole. The bottom line is that anyone looking for a strong progressive release will be well served to check out Ghost Mile.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10