We Will Regret This Someday SpainCountry Of Origin: Spain
Teething - We Will Regret This Someday

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MB Rating: 8
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User Rating: 8.2
[4 Vote(s)]
Mic Check Sound
You And Your Fucking Car
Setting Fires
Up In Smoke
Filipino Violence Sound
Just Kids
White Cross Introduction
White Cross Inversion
Take Me To A Doctor
Subway Rat
Life Is Peachy
An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 12th, 2017
Label: SelfMadeGod Records
Categories: Hardcore, Grindcore
8.2 out of 10 / 4 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Arek on 10/11/2017 5:40:25 PM

Teething is four screwy Spaniards who after five years of creative activity, in which they delivered (as befits any grinders) many EPs and splits to their fans, finally broke out and put out their first full-length album, which came to me through SelfMadeGod Records. We Will Regret This Someday are 12 amazingly trenchant kicks. This HC-Grind plow up takes just over 24 minutes, which is just enough not to return the last meal and yet still has the urge for further listens. By adjusting to the construction of this album I will cut off unnecessary fuckery and go straight to the music that hit my grind-absorbent tastes.

The material was recorded at Madrid's Sadman Studio and mixed in American AudioSiege (Nails, Magrudergrind). This confirms that dissecting of the sound will not be compulsory. The sound of percussion is very elegant, the bass is heavy, and the vocal does not drown the music. The tone of guitars with the bass cooperation is what the tigers like the most while bouncing, and they also sound like the best musical stories out of Sunlight. These twelve tracks are the quintessence of GC played heavily in punk rhythms and with HC manners of the vocalist. What we have here are chaotic, short, grinding pegs such as 'Mic Check', 'Up In Smoke' and 'Life Is Peachy'. The latter reminded me of old Americans from Wehrmacht. Yes, it is another value of this album - it brings back memories.

While listening to the debut of those Spaniards, we will find a lot of different influences ranging from punk, crust and crossover to death metal, although the basic bonding agent of course is the grind. Going back to the record, it must be said that despite all the grind madness, some down tempo respite also happened here and there. We will hear it in 'Just Kids', ending of 'White Cross Inversion', or slowest one - 'Subway Rat'. Do not be afraid, however, it will not dull out even for a moment. It's not doom, its grindcore, so the next hyper-blast will indicate the style of the disc. Are there any songs that should be mentioned with special honors? Probably not, since GC is not pop. The power of this disc is a mad rage of energy served up in varying tempos. In combination with the inventiveness of the musicians, it gave the prime sort of product. Although all the riffs, patents, etc. have already been played somewhere, and although some will label this album a "reheated cutlet", it does not bother me at all. I will be happy to go back to it anyway.

There isn't much to write about the depth of lyrics, because the cover of the album announces them quite accurately. From sharply contrasting colors of rotten green, radioactive yellow and rusty red to the titles from newspaper clippings clearly indicating that this is not some fairy tale. Thematically it is as predictable as it is musically, but thanks to that - everything stays together. Such a macabre taken out of life, lightly sharpened and served up with humor. GC / HC, in spite of its moral background, is primarily good fun and we have it all right here. 

Ending all this verbal spasms, I admit that We Will Regret This Someday is my first encounter with this Spanish quartet. It probably wouldn't have changed anytime in the near future, if it wasn't for the extremist approach and activity of SelfMadeGod Records, for which I bow deeply to them. Satisfaction would be even greater if I could drop some sweat around maddening stage presentation of these madmen, but I guess I will have to wait for that a little longer. At this moment I have to settle for the sound of their 12-track debut. For all the fans of hard hitting ensembles I recommend this as adrenaline injection. It may not save a life, it may not change the world, but with such pieces, the time will definitely flow faster. They got me with their punkish grind, the rest of you should check them out for yourselves.

Rating: 8 out of 10