Telepathic With The Dead United States Of AmericaCountry Of Origin: United States Of America
Xasthur - Telepathic With The Dead

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MB Rating: 3.8
[1 Vote(s)]

User Rating: 7
[35 Vote(s)]
Entrance Into Nothingness
Slaughtered Useless Beings In A Nihilistic Dream
Abysmal Depths Are Flooded
May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate
Telepathic With The Deceased
I Walk Beyond Utter Darkness
Cursed Revelations
Drown Into Eternal Twilight
Murdered Echoes Of The Mind

Release Date: 2004
Label: Moribund Records
Categories: Black, Death
7 out of 10 / 35 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by David on 2/13/2005
This album has been eagerly anticipated in some quarters. These particular quarters, however, (a 10í x 12í bedroom with many neat little mod-cons) have not been as forthcoming with a joyous reception. Malefic, one of the sun-tanned poster boys of the grim USBM revolution has served up a redundant and tedious effort with Telepathic with the Deceased. Itís distinctly below average in so many ways that I literally was pushed to despair, something Malefic would no doubt approve of.

For starters, bad production is not equivalent to atmosphere, and in that respect this album is a cop-out. The bass sounds like a kidís Casio keyboard (maybe it is), the guitars sound like my ear has been perforated (it makes sense) and I doubt anyone will ever know how many layers of cotton wool the guy ensconced himself within before he did the vocals. He should spit out the Sunny D he is drinking, as well.

Telepathic with the Deceased does one thing well Ė mediocre black metal. Yet, creating an average sense of mediocrity is hardly an achievement in itself. For example, thereís the typical plodding rhythms and the mind-numbingly long passages of static fuzz with little variation in melody; both elements that add to the tedium of the album. However, the biggest crime is that itís 57 minutes long. ďMay Your Void Become as Deep as My Hate,Ē is indeed the mission statement for this album: suffer Maleficís hate for 57 damn minutes.

Even if one is attempting to credit the album with having a decent title track, the plan falls backwards, down the stairs and onto a bed of nails. One must wait three minutes into the 10 minute bore-a-thon before things finally come together. A bit of pace, a neat static melody and even some atmosphere, thatís what this album should be! But then minutes later, itís back to the same dreary, trudging crap.

Sometimes when a strong reputation precedes an album, it makes one question the nature of the beast with a cynical disposition. However, this is one of those cases where cynicism isnít necessary; the answers are served up on a silver platter complete with a glass of Sunny D.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 5
Atmosphere: 3
Production: 3
Originality: 3
Overall: 5

Rating: 3.8 out of 10