Danzig II Lucifuge United StatesCountry Of Origin: United States
Danzig - Danzig II Lucifuge

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Long Way Back From Hell
Snakes Of Christ
Killer Wolf
Tired Of Being Alive
I'm The One
Her Black Wings
Devil's Plaything
Blood And Tears
Pain In The World

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 26th, 1990
Label: American Recordings
Categories: Doom, Heavy

MetalBite Review by Death8699 on 2/24/2019 1:20:36 PM

Former punk rock Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig puts together a lineup featuring John Christ on guitars, Eerie Von on bass, and Chuck Biscuits on drums. This deems to be their best cast from this legendary heavy metal quartet. Talk about innovation, creativity, quality songwriting, Lucifuge has it all. Glenn's vocal outputs are top notch and his originality in his department with the throat are rather worthy of praise. He mixes some yelling on some songs with clean vox depending on if the guitars are in their distorted mode or clean/acoustic ones.

The riff-writing is totally original and very blues based. One thing that's missing though is a second guitar during solos. That's the only beef I have with this album. Some songs are just guitar and vocals with the drums almost entirely absent say for example on the track "I'm The One". I'd have to say that "Tired of Being Alive" is my favorite track because it's so dark and melancholic especially lyric-wise. The guitars and vocals are by far the highlight of this album. There aren't too many lead guitar bits, mostly distorted tone axe-work with bar chords and palm muted riffs especially on "Her Black Wings".

There are plenty of backup vocals to augment Glenn's unique voice. I'd have to say this guy can really sing with aggression mixed with clean/mellow tone as previously mentioned. All of the songs deserve praise, though the lyrics on some tracks are spewed forth with anti-religion topics. But that just goes along with the title of the album. "Lucifuge" features Danzig's most powerful work to date based on what I've heard from the band. The guitars, bass, vocals and drums are in perfect sync on every track and riffs contain songs that are so memorable they'll stick to you forever in memory.

Musically an influence of blues based riffs, dark portions of bits that set the atmosphere of this heavy metal which is played better than it's ever been as Danzig has done on here. Total construction of originality and evil all mixed into one hell of a release by these legends. The mixing was just perfect. Everything was totally heard throughout this release. The guitar, vocals, bass and drums were perfectly formulated to destroy. In essence, the production just mighty and fueled with force. There aren't any tracks on this 49+ minute onslaught that lack integrity. They're all top notch. 

Looking for some heavy metal that's quality not only in songwriting, but unique, dark, depressing and evil? Well Lucifuge tops the world with that kind of credibility. The best possible lineup ever and no mistaking that. Everything was just played right and Glenn's vocals are so unique and are their best ever. I haven't heard him sing this well ever, not even on their debut. Don't expect anything fast paced on here because it just is absent. Every song is slow tempo based, with acoustic songs, clean and distorted guitar alongside amazing drum work by Chuck Biscuits. Don't miss out of one legendary album with a legendary cast. Pick this up as soon as possible if you haven't already!

Rating: 10 out of 10