Rip Him From His Fucking Throne AustraliaCountry Of Origin: Australia
Limb From Limb - Rip Him From His Fucking Throne

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MB Rating: 7.5
[1 Vote(s)]

User Rating: 9
[4 Vote(s)]
Rise Of The Rotted
Hell Shall Be Thy Name
Delimbed By The Minions
Relentlessly Beheaded
A Lust To Burn
Crush All Things Living
Punish Prophecy
Man Shall Abolish

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2007
Label: Obsidian Records
Categories: Death, Grind
9 out of 10 / 4 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by JD on 1/25/2009
Australian ultra-extreme metallists Limb From Limb (not to be mistaken for the Canadian metal band of the same name) are one of those bands that make you sit up and take note whether you want to or not. These guys are the hands down winners of sounding the most pissed off of any band in the world.

They hit you squarely in the face with a overwhelming wall of guitars and drums much like what the bands like BrainDrill and Mortification (fellow Aussie metallists) do. Limb From Limb have the speed and heaviness to rival BrainDrill in some aspects, but also they have this wall of pure aggression throughout.... much like Mortification does. Despite the obvious comparisons you could make, it really does not detract from what they are doing in any way. They are a chaotic entity unto themselves.

The lyrics are smart as any out there, showing that this Australian extreme metal juggernauts are severely disillusioned with the world as any cynic out there could be. The seem to have a bitter taste in their mouth everything in general, and use their Black Metal styled leanings to make that so damned clear while blowing your face off with some of the most intense, speed laden music ever to come.

Purely not for the squeamish among our masses on planet Earth, Limb From Limb are a rising force from the land down under. My we fall down at their feet, and worship them as they take that throne for their very own... or they very much might rip you 'limb from limb'.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 8
Atmosphere: 6.5
Production: 7.5
Overall: 8

Rating: 7.5 out of 10