Cover The Sun
Mudslinger - Cover The Sun

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MB Rating: 8
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User Rating: 7.6
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Release Date: 2001
Label: Lord Slog Records
7.6 out of 10 / 16 vote(s)

MetalBite Review by Chris on 8/31/2001
I don’t exactly know how and why, but when I picked Mudslinger“Cover the Sun” out of maybe 10 other CDs from my mail box, I got the feeling that there was something special about this EP. Let me just tell you that because of it my usual 3 minutes car-trip turned into 30 min. roaming through the neighborhood.

Sludge, doom and death; those three words perfectly describe Mudslinger’s style, while distinct, outstanding and fresh can describe the end result. The band stays within a slow to mid tempo rhythms with a very interesting array of Juan Urteaga vocals which range from black metal screeches and deep, guttural death growls to even clean melodic passages. Ronn Pifer’s drums and Lars Von Lowen’s bass are certainly the backbone of Mudslinger’s music; excellent bass lines combined with a very deep bottom and Ronn’s slow pounding create very haunting and doomy atmosphere.

Even though Dave Couch’s heavy as hell guitar feels like 10-ton hammer crushing your brain every time he hits the strings, he knows how to play without distortion and a clean guitar intro on ‘Lambs’ can be a perfect example of it. Although “Cover the Sun” is nothing you haven’t heard before it provides a very much needed fresh breeze and different look on today’s death metal scene. Fans of old school death metal can pick it up in a heartbeat.

Bottom Line: Mudslinger’s “Cover the Sun” is a must if a heavy and massive sound is more important to you than speed of blast-beats.

Rating: 8 out of 10