Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Repentless Full-Length 2015

  Repentless Single 2015

  When The Stillness Comes / Black Magic Single 2015

  French Connection (Video/DVD) DVD 2009

  World Painted Blood Full-Length 2009

  Christ Illusion Full-Length 2006

  Eternal Pyre Single 2006

Review   Still Reigning (Video/DVD) DVD 2004

  War At The Warfield (Video/DVD) DVD 2003

Review   God Hates Us All Full-Length 2001

Review   Diabolus In Musica Full-Length 1998

Review   Undisputed Attitude Full-Length 1996

Review   Divine Intervention Full-Length 1994

  Serenity In Murder EP 1994

  Decade Of Aggression Live 1991

Review   Seasons In The Abyss Full-Length 1990

  South Of Heaven Full-Length 1988

  Reign In Blood Full-Length 1986

  Hell Awaits Full-Length 1985

  Live Undead Live 1985

  Haunting The Chapel EP 1984

  Show No Mercy Full-Length 1984

Total Albums: 22