Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   The Door To Doom Full-Length 2019

Media Review   House Of Doom EP 2018

  Death Thy Lover EP 2016

Media Review   Psalms For The Dead Full-Length 2012

  Don't Fear The Reaper EP 2010

  Death Magic Doom Full-Length 2009

  King Of The Grey Islands Full-Length 2007

  Candlemass Full-Length 2005

  The Curse Of Candlemass (Video/DVD) DVD 2005

  Essential Doom Compilation 2004

  Diamonds Of Doom Compilation 2003

  Doomed For Live Live 2003

  The Black Heart Of Candlemass Split 2002

  From The 13th Sun Full-Length 1999

  Dactylis Glomerata Full-Length 1998

  The Best Of Candlemass: As It Is, As It Was Compilation 1994

  Chapter VI Full-Length 1992

  Live Live 1990

  Tales Of Creation Full-Length 1989

  Ancient Dreams Full-Length 1988

  Nightfall Full-Length 1987

  Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Full-Length 1986

Total Albums: 22