Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Red Before Black Full-Length 2017

Media Review   A Skeletal Domain Full-Length 2014

  Dead Human Collection: 25 Years Of Death Metal Boxed Set 2013

  Torturing And Eviscerating Live Live 2013

Media Review   Torture Full-Length 2012

  Global Evisceration (Video/DVD) DVD 2011

Media Review   Evisceration Plague Full-Length 2009

  Centuries Of Torment: The First 20 Years (Video/DVD) DVD 2008

Media Review   Kill Full-Length 2006

Review   The Wretched Spawn Full-Length 2004

Review   Gore Obsessed Full-Length 2002

  Worm Infested EP 2002

  Live Cannibalism Live 2000

  Bloodthirst Full-Length 1999

Review   Gallery Of Suicide Full-Length 1998

  Deadly Tracks Compilation 1997

  Vile Full-Length 1996

  The Bleeding Full-Length 1994

  Hammer Smashed Face EP 1993

  Tomb Of The Mutilated Full-Length 1992

  Born In A Casket EP 1991

  Butchered At Birth Full-Length 1991

  Eaten Back To Life Full-Length 1990

Total Albums: 23