Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Atoma Full-Length 2016

Media   Construct Full-Length 2013

Media Review   We Are The Void Full-Length 2010

  The Dying Fragments Compilation 2009

  Where Death Is Most Alive (Video/DVD) DVD 2009

  Where Death Is Most Alive Live 2009

  Fiction Full-Length 2007

  Focus Shift Single 2007

Review   Character Full-Length 2005

  Lost To Apathy EP 2004

  Live Damage (Video/DVD) DVD 2003

Review   Damage Done Full-Length 2002

Review   Haven Full-Length 2000

Media Review   Projector Full-Length 1999

  The Mind's Full-Length 1997

  Enter Suicidal Angels EP 1996

  Skydancer + Of Chaos And Eternal Night Compilation 1996

  The Gallery Full-Length 1995

  Of Chaos And Eternal Night EP 1994

  A Moonclad Reflection EP 1992

  Trail Of Life Decayed Demo 1991

Total Albums: 21