Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Berserker Full-Length 2019

Media   Jomsviking Full-Length 2016

Media Review   Deceiver Of The Gods Full-Length 2013

  Under The Influence EP 2013

Review   Surtur Rising Full-Length 2011

  Twilight Of The Thunder God Full-Length 2008

  With Oden On Our Side Full-Length 2006

  Fate Of Norns Full-Length 2004

  Fate Of Norns Release Shows Split 2004

  Versus The World Full-Length 2002

Review   The Crusher Full-Length 2001

Review   The Avenger Full-Length 1999

  Once Sent From The Golden Hall Full-Length 1998

  Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds EP 1995

Total Albums: 14