Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   I Loved You At Your Darkest Full-Length 2018

Media   Live Barbarossa Live 2014

Media Review   The Satanist Full-Length 2014

Media   Xiądz EP 2014

  Xiądz / Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel Compilation 2014

  Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel Single 2013

  Abyssus Abyssum Invocat Compilation 2011

  Evangelia Heretica (Video/DVD) DVD 2010

Media Review   Evangelion Full-Length 2009

  At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Apostasy Live 2008

  Ezkaton EP 2008

  The Apostasy Full-Length 2007

  Demonica Compilation 2006

  Slaves Shall Serve EP 2006

Media Review   Demigod Full-Length 2005

  Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem For Generation Armageddon (Video/DVD) DVD 2004

  Conjuration EP 2003

  Live Eschaton: The Art Of Rebellion (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2002

Review   Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond) Full-Length 2002

  Antichristian Phenomenon EP 2001

Review   Thelema.6 Full-Length 2001

  Pandemonic Incantations Full-Length 1999

  Satanica Full-Length 1999

  Bewitching The Pomerania EP 1997

  Grom Full-Length 1996

  Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) Full-Length 1995

  ...From The Pagan Vastlands Demo 1994

  And The Forests Dream Eternally EP 1994

Total Albums: 28