Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Old Star Full-Length 2019

  Arctic Thunder Full-Length 2016

Review   The Underground Resistance Full-Length 2013

  Circle The Wagons Full-Length 2010

  Dark Thrones And Black Flags Full-Length 2008

  F.O.A.D. Full-Length 2007

  NWOBHM EP 2007

  Forebyggende Krig Single 2006

  The Cult Is Alive Full-Length 2006

  Too Old, Too Cold Single 2006

Review   Sardonic Wrath Full-Length 2005

Review   Hate Them Full-Length 2003

Review   Plaguewielder Full-Length 2001

  Ravishing Grimness Full-Length 1999

  Crusade From The North Split 1996

  Goatlord Full-Length 1996

  Total Death Full-Length 1996

Media Review   Panzerfaust Full-Length 1995

Review   Transilvanian Hunger Full-Length 1994

  Under a Funeral Moon Full-Length 1993

  Soulside Journey Full-Length 1991

Total Albums: 21