Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   The Atlantic Full-Length 2019

Media Review   The Storm Within Full-Length 2016

Media   Hymns For The Broken Full-Length 2014

Media   King Of Errors Single 2014

  A Decade And A Half Compilation 2011

  Glorious Collision Full-Length 2011

  Wrong Single 2011

  Torn Full-Length 2008

  Monday Morning Apocalypse Full-Length 2006

  Monday Morning Apocalypse Single 2006

  A Night To Remember (Video/DVD) DVD 2005

  A Night To Remember (Live) Live 2005

Review   The Inner Circle Full-Length 2004

  I'm Sorry Single 2003

  Recreation Day Full-Length 2003

  In Search Of Truth Full-Length 2001

  Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy Full-Length 1999

  The Dark Discovery Full-Length 1998

Total Albums: 18