Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Cold Black Suns Full-Length 2019

Media Review   Sovereigns Full-Length 2014

  Obsidium Full-Length 2012

  Pentagrammaton Full-Length 2010

  Tetra Karcist Full-Length 2007

  Black Goat Ritual: Live In Thy Flesh Live 2005

Review   Xes Haereticum Full-Length 2004

  Goatlust EP 2003

  Carnage In Worlds Beyond Full-Length 2002

  Armoured Bestial Hell Full-Length 2001

  Apocalypse Manifesto Full-Length 1999

  Regie Sathanas EP 1998

  Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan Full-Length 1998

  Prophecies Of Pagan Fire Full-Length 1995

Total Albums: 14