Cover   Album Title Type Year
  Postmortem Rituals Compilation 2016

Review   Struck By A Murderous Siege Full-Length 2016

  Morgue Orgy EP 2013

  Cut Carve Rip Serve Full-Length 2011

  The Redlight Murder Case Full-Length 2008

  Obscenities In B-Flat Full-Length 2006

Review   Plainfield Cemetery Full-Length 2002

Review   Deranged Full-Length 2001

  III Full-Length 1999

  High On Blood Full-Length 1998

  Sculpture Of The Dead EP 1996

  Rated X Full-Length 1995

  Architects Of Perversions EP 1994

  Upon The Medical Slab Single 1994

  The Confessions Continues EP 1993

Total Albums: 15