Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs Compilation 2018

  The Best Of Napalm Death Compilation 2016

Media   Apex Predator - Easy Meat Full-Length 2015

  Our Pain Is Their Power EP 2014

Media   Utilitarian Full-Length 2012

  Live At Rock City Live 2010

Media   Time Waits For No Slave Full-Length 2009

Media   Smear Campaign Full-Length 2006

Media   The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code Full-Length 2005

  Leaders Not Followers Part II Compilation 2004

  Noise For Music's Sake Compilation 2003

  Punishment In Capitals Live 2003

Media   Order Of The Leech Full-Length 2002

Media   Enemy Of The Music Business Full-Length 2000

  The Complete Radio One Sessions Compilation 2000

  Leaders Not Followers EP 1999

  Bootlegged In Japan Live 1998

Media   Words From The Exit Wound Full-Length 1998

  Breed To Breath Split 1997

  In Tongues We Speak Split 1997

Media   Inside The Torn Apart Full-Length 1997

Media   Diatribes Full-Length 1996

  Greed Killing EP 1995

Media   Fear, Emptiness, Despair Full-Length 1994

  Live Corruption Live 1993

  The World Keeps Turning EP 1992

Media Review   Utopia Banished Full-Length 1992

  Death By Manipulation Compilation 1991

  Mass Appeal Madness EP 1991

Media Review   Harmony Corruption Full-Length 1990

Media   Live Corruption (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 1990

  Suffer The Children EP 1990

  Mentally Murdered EP 1989

  The Peel Sessions Compilation 1989

Media   From Enslavement To Obliteration Full-Length 1988

Media Review   Scum Full-Length 1987

Total Albums: 36