Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media   Queen Of Time Full-Length 2018

Media   Under The Red Cloud Full-Length 2015

  Circle Full-Length 2013

  The Beginning Of Times Full-Length 2011

  Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes (Video/DVD) DVD 2010

  From The Heaven Of My Heart Single 2009

  Martyr Of The Free World / From The Heaven Of My Heart Split 2009

  Silver Bride Single 2009

  Skyforger Full-Length 2009

  Silent Waters Full-Length 2007

  Silent Waters Single 2007

  Eclipse Full-Length 2006

  House Of Sleep Single 2006

  Far From The Sun Full-Length 2004

Review   Am Universum Full-Length 2001

Review   Tuonela Full-Length 1999

Review   Elegy Full-Length 1996

Review   Black Winter Day EP 1994

Review   Tales From The Thousand Lakes Full-Length 1994

  Privilege Of Evil EP 1993

  The Karelian Isthmus Full-Length 1992

Total Albums: 21