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DYSCARNATE Unleashed New Video for 'Iron Strengthens Iron'

UK death metal trio DYSCARNATE will release their third full-length, and first for Unique Leader Records, on September 15th. Titled With All Their Might, the eight-track offering was captured by Stu McKay (Ingested, Acrania) at Studio 6 in England and mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Ancient, Aborted, Volbeat, Evergrey) at Hansen Studios in Denmark. You can get the first taste of the record in a new video for 'Iron Strengthens Iron' below.

Band comments on their latest release: "With All Their Might is the sound of us nailing our colors to the mast in no uncertain terms. We've always worked on each new album as its own entity, and feel the whole thing needs to flow as one cohesive piece. Every song has its place on the record, but the lyrics and feel of each one reflects a signature theme. We feel that while this record is the most complete thing we've ever done, it's also the most varied, dynamic, and evolved we have ever been. We have written this album for only ourselves, and as a result feel we have something our fans will really connect to. DYSCARNATE is now split between Shropshire, Sussex, and Amsterdam, which has meant this record has been written and recorded in a wide variety of locations. For the last two weeks of writing, we set ourselves up in a secluded farmhouse just over the Welsh border, where we worked non-stop putting the finishing touches to the demos, as well as tracking all the vocals ourselves. Inspiration has come from everywhere on the musical spectrum and beyond. We didn't want to work within any kind of parameters, and tried things we wouldn't have gone near in the past. Song and lyric concepts have included, among many others: existential dread, insanity, human perception, and strength of will."

Dyscarnate - With All Their Might

Dyscarnate - With All Their Might

Of Mice And Mountains
This Is Fire!
Iron Strengthens Iron
Traitors In The Palace
To End All Flesh Before Me
All The Devils Are Here
Nothing Seems Right

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