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Review:12Feb2021ASPHYX - Necroceros

ASPHYX - Necroceros

Asphyx are back.I apologize, this is probably the worst sentence in order to start a review. Let me begin again.In football,...

Review:9Feb2021PARANORM - Empyrean

PARANORM - Empyrean

One thing that has bummed me out about the whole “death metal revival” trend is how it seems to sideline some good thrash metal....

Review:3Feb2021YMIR - Ymir

YMIR - Ymir

Over the years there have been a large number of different approaches in music and lyrics within black metal with equally mixed...

Review:3Feb2021SEPULCROS - Vazio


Mystical and crushing funeral/death doom hovering over the Portuguese landscape. The band name, Sepulcros; the album, Vazio. I...