Frequencies From The Montauk United StatesCountry Of Origin: United States
Negative Reaction - Frequencies From The Montauk

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Day After Yesterday
Docking Bay 94
Frequencies From The Montauk
Shattered Reflection
Thicker Thank Blood
Space Capsule 1
A Bit Of Numb
Planet Sagar And The Trobbits
Angels And Demons
Elsie In Space

Release Date: 2011
Label: PsycheDOOMelic Records
Categories: Doom, Sludge

MetalBite Review by JD on 4/20/2012
Most bands never have 19 albums to their credits, some bands just disappear after one and that is a true marker of a band that is damned good. New York Sludge/Doom trio Negative Reaction is that sort of bands that legends are born out of, and becomes a main force for Doom and Sludge everywhere.

Mixing a groovy sort of rhythms with a heavy, low tuned attack, you get a formula for massive metal. Think almost if the Grateful Dead had gone Doom Metal with Ozzy styled vocals anchoring everything; this would be what they just might be. With slow yet melodically heavy riffs and nasty vocals, Negative Reaction sets down what it is to be Doom Metal - and schools everone in the right way to do it.

The band hands us twelve massively heavy and dynamic songs for our listening pleasure. I love the grooves that the albums starting track 'Day After Yesterday' has, but I prefer the heavier edge of things like 'Docking Bay 94' - one of those ‘golden’ tracks that literally defines the whole Doom/Sludge metal genre in one perfect four minute and thirty eight second lesson.

I liked the album as a whole, but some parts of it seem to have ben recorded somewhat muddy in spots - but thankfully does not hurt the doomy goodness that is there. This is good, honest metal from a band who has paid there dues, and stayed relevant and fresh when some bands falter and die off.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 7.5
Overall: 9

Rating: 8.7 out of 10