Nihility PolandCountry Of Origin: Poland
Decapitated - Nihility

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Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)
Eternity Too Short
Mother War
Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
Spheres Of Madness
Babylon's Pride
Symmetry Of Zero

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2002
Label: Earache Records
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Krys on 1/31/2002
It was one of those lazy winter nights when nothing could make me move my ass from the couch and then, I popped this little CD in my player’s hole and holy mother of all baseball bats, did those guys changed the shape of my jaw. It’s not like I expected some whiny melodies here, but “Nihility” simply knocked me down and made my head feel like a soccer ball kicked for 10 hours by 20 guys during power training. What’s even more amazing is that with the help of Decapitated I was able to achieve that artistic state of mind with only 35 min... Beaten up, bruised and exhausted I crawled to my player and clicked stop.

Not bad for four guys who can’t even enter a 21 and over club... I’m not going to praise the fact that these young men are still in their teens but showcase musical abilities on this record that will make contemporaries twice their age go nuts. From ‘Perfect Dehumanisation’ to ‘Symmetry of Zero’ you are exposed to a perfectly produced blistering assault that emphasizes the technical abilities and uncommon tightness of a band in such a young stage of its career.

Vitek (drums) must drive his neighbors insane; maniacal precision and speed mixed with uncommon breaks and arrangements must sound like chemical explosions cooked up by a mentally unstable kid recently released from a straightjacket. Not that Vogg (guitar) and Martin (bass) are staying behind and only fill the voids...

Brutal riffs and technical passages are enhanced by killer disharmonic solos that leave nothing less than aching and bleeding ears. All this musical chaos is intensified by the variety of Sauron’s low, guttural vocals that are not blown out of proportion and feel the music perfectly, keeping the faultless balance between all instruments.

The sky, or hell for that matter, is the limit for these guys and without a doubt their professional education pays off big time here, but I wonder just what music school they attend because as far as I can recall, no one taught me how to rip the shit out of my instrument...

Favorite songs? All of them. If you’ll find one that calls for less then a perfect description make sure you’re on the right medications...

Bottom Line: If you haven’t heard their first album, I forgive you, but if you miss “Nihility” don’t call yourself a fan of extreme music. Decapitated are something very special indeed and their latest child is nothing short of a masterpiece that marks the level of perfection I would expect at the dawn of the 21st century.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 10
Production: 10
Originality: 10
Overall: 10

Rating: 10 out of 10