Le Serpent Rouge SwedenCountry Of Origin: Sweden
Arcana - Le Serpent Rouge

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In Search Of The Divine
Le Serpent Rouge
Under The Sun
Seductive Flame
Serpent's Dance
The Passage
The Nemesis

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2004
Label: Erebus Odora
Categories: Ambient, Neoclassical

MetalBite Review by Shaytan on 4/30/2014
I would highly recommend this album to anyone that wants to hear a very dark middle eastern themed ambient album. Their are no vocals to this album (which could have either destroyed the album if they where not properly utilized or could have greatly enhanced this album if they where just as mysterious as the music on this album). I have heard some of the other works by Arcana overall since they are a well known dark ambient band. They normally are not solely focused on the middle eastern theme but they did a great job on this album. The (artwork and) music encapsulate the person into oriental folklore surrounding as if near a late night camp fire in a desert somewhere.

This is one of my all time favorite albums and is comparable to the eerie sounding Elend albums except with a middle eastern twist to it. I've never heard anything like this before and again and hopefully Arcana will take this path again. Although I was not able to bear their other albums they obviously are popular on their own merits for different people.

Rating: 9 out of 10