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Bored To Tears
The Rose Petalled Garden
Hey You (Batch Of Lies)
Born To Lose
Peddlers Of Death
Mother Mary
Beneath The Tree
Low Down
Lost My Better Half
Black Pearl
World Of Trouble
Spoke In The Wheel
The Beginning... At Last

Release Date: 1999
Label: Spitfire Records
Categories: Heavy, Rock, Sludge, Stoner

MetalBite Review by Tobias on 4/16/2002
The very name of Zakk Wylde will illicit two different types of reactions from metalheads; a shit-eating grin that will devour the thick wholloping riffs along with the cheesy trademark squeals, or a cynical roll of the eyes and quick dismissal. If you find that your reaction falls into the latter, Iím not going to be of much help.

Zakk and his band have adopted the stigma of drunk southern metallers. I donít need to tell you that if you can read the name of the band... or album for that matter. While there are many bands out there that adopt a stigma, not too many of them actually make good on it with their sound. BLS on the other hand, makes you want to pick up a bottle of scotch, grab a steamy curvy country girl and blaze up with the band in a backwoods Louisiana bayou.

The riffing on this disc has Zakk written all over it. The difference between what we hear here as opposed to the work on the Ozzy albums is that the sound is thicker and heavier in a wet-mattress kind of way, slugging you in the gut rather than slapping your face.

The real surprise here are the vocals. Guess whoís on the mic! Yeah, itís Zakk. I never figured the guy for a vocalist, but he belts it out like a pro. But the problem is that on occasion he ends up sounding very much like the guy from Alice In Chains.

Iíve listened to the album regularly for weeks now and consistently forget to really take a hard listen to the rest of the band. This problem occurs because Iím usually very engrossed in all the stuff that Zakk is doing, or the atmosphere just overcomes any attempt to dissect the music.

The area that the album doesnít really strafe the scales is on originality. This is down-home drinkiní metal that doesnít really need to bring anything new to the table, but it does need to vary a little more than it does now.

Bottom Line: If youíre into stoner metal or Ozzy, you could easily buy this without listening to it first.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 7
Overall: 9

Rating: 7.6 of 10