Afterglow SwedenCountry Of Origin: Sweden
In Mourning - Afterglow

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Fire And Ocean
The Grinning Mist
Ashen Crown
Below Rise To The Above Video
The Lighthouse Keeper
The Call To Orion

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 20th, 2016
Label: Agonia Records
Categories: Death, Progressive

MetalBite Review by Adam M on 6/1/2016
In Mourning nicely fill the gap for a person looking for an album in the style of old Opeth. Thereís are a lot of atmospheric shifts to be found on Afterglow.

In fact, a lot of the harsh moments that wouldnít be out of place on the Still Life album. Since itís the harsh moments that are focused upon, it is these moments that create the mood and tension. There is certainly a strong atmosphere to be found beneath the cavernous Opeth style riffs. It is one that is moving and dense, much like their influences used to be in the past. The riffs are powerful and intelligent throughout to craft this atmosphere that is so engrossing. Though there are moments that resemble doom on this album, it is the progressive moments that are really the most involving. When the band goes on to be adventurous one is rewarded with a lush listening experience. The music is enrapturing when the band is most effective, but even when they arenít the music is still at least reasonably interesting. It is not the riffs that are the only appealing element to In Mourning, however. Listen closely to the vocals and youíll be surprised if this isnít one of the better crooners of death metal with a melodic edge out there. There is simply a ton of stuff to become attached to with Afterglow. The lack of originality is perhaps the only downside to the album and it starts to sound a bit the same after a while.

While the clean vocals donít appear often, they are expertly handled and mix nicely with the harsher moments, again much like old Opeth. Overall, this is one of the triumphs of the year in metal so far with its wondrous mood and number of memorable moments. Make sure to have a listen to Afterglow if only to hear great music composed by solid musicians.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10