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Death - Scream Bloody Gore

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Infernal Death
Zombie Ritual
Denial Of Life
Regurgitated Guts
Baptized In Blood
Torn To Pieces
Evil Dead
Scream Bloody Gore

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1987
Label: Loud
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Brian on 12/13/2013
It is 1:49 am December 13, 2013. Twelve years ago today the metal world lost one its greatest talents. Chuck Schuldiner died on this day back in 2001 after losing his battle with brain cancer. My original plan was to take all the suggestions I received, put them in a hat and draw one out, for this months "Classic Bite". The plan went out the window when I realized that Scream Bloody Gore was one of those suggestions. This is my tribute to Chuck, his music and this album, that started the death metal genre.

In 1987 the metal world was not ready for what twenty year old Chuck Schuldiner unleashed on them. I remember reading reviews for Scream Bloody Gore, everything from immature to the death of heavy metal as we know it. His vocals were described as sounding like cookie monster, the music being thrown together and having no direction or purpose. Amazing how times have changed, I'm willing to bet if I were to track down these critics, they would have a much different opinion of this album today.

There have always been arguments as to who the first death metal band is. Possessed's Seven Churches LP being the one a lot of people claim to be that first death metal album. Although Possessed coined the term with the final track on that album "Death Metal", Seven Churches is a thrash metal album. Scream Bloody Gore, the debut album from Florida's Death has a much different feel.This was a different type of metal. The chord progressions and guitar tone, were unlike the thousands of thrash bands flooding the scene at the time. The vocals, which may seem tame by today's standards, were over the top in 1987. The lyrical content, drenched in gore, served as a major influence on bands like Carcass and Cannibal Corpse.

This is not the best Death album, in fact it may be the worst in the bands storied career, but its importance can't be overlooked. It has some weak moments which no other album in the Death catalog have. The most notable of these is the opening track "Infernal Death", which I find to be boring and I have always felt that a better opener could have been chosen. The party really starts with "Zombie Ritual". The guitar sound on the opening notes of the song is what Death would build their career on. This sound would become a staple on each every album the band released. The chorus with its jumpy, chugging riff also would be something that was used throughout the bands career. "Mutilation" is an absolute burner, with its breakneck speed and thunderous drums it pummels the listener. This is true death metal here, there is no mistaking it for beefed up thrash. "Regurgitated Guts" moves in and out of chugging riffs and speed, with a nice little single note part that brings it all together. Another highlight would be "Evil Dead" beginning with that signature melodic sound, then ripping through its three minutes, it is one of the more memorable tunes on Scream Bloody Gore.

For someone new to Death I would recommend Human, an album that for obvious reasons has aged better. If you choose to experience the band from the debut and move forward, then you must take Scream Bloody Gore as a history lesson. When studying history, you sometimes have to visualize the time period to fully appreciate and understand it. Looking back twenty-six years later, the impact this album had on the metal world is undeniable. Chuck has been labeled the "Father of death metal" a label that he rightly deserves. Scream Bloody Gore is to death metal what Black Sabbath's self titled debut is to doom metal and heavy metal in general. Death created a genre of music with this album, although it's not one of their best albums or one of the genres best albums it is the genesis in the death metal bible.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Production: 6
Originality: 10
Overall: 7

Rating: 7.6 out of 10