Ravenous NetherlandsCountry Of Origin: Netherlands
God Dethroned - Ravenous

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Swallow The Spikes
The Poison Apple (Eve & Serpentio In The Garden Of Eden)
Villa Vampiria
Consumed By Darkness
The Mysteries That Make You Bleed
The Iconoclast Deathride
The Crown For The Morbid
Autumn Equinox
Winter Campaign 2002
Evil Dead

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Label: Metal Blade Records
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Krys on 3/16/2001
After their third great album "Bloody Blasphemy", God Dethroned comes back with an even better killer, "Ravenous. This is not just another death metal album, itís music created by people with the goal of making you shit your pants. Those guys are ready to fuck everything that walks, sleeps, smells, pukes and drools.

"Ravenous" is a wild fury delivered in 11 superb mixed shots of acid. Although Slayerís influence hits us a little too often, the combination of melody and outstanding riffs leaves a very satisfying feeling. Actually itís more than satisfying. The combined guitar skills of Jens van der Valk and Henri Sattler works seamlessly throughout the whole album. They know exactly how to play death metal and they do it with such a commitment and passion that all tracks sound like Beethovenís symphonies in that each note means something and builds the perfect background for another. Just listen to the title track or "Swallow the Spikes", "Villa Vampiria" or "The Crown for the Morbid" and youíll understand what drooling means.

Another thing that canít go unnoticed is work of their session drummer Tony Laureano (Angel Corpse, Nile). I got this strange feeling that heís the main reason for the much more aggressive and furious sounds of God Dethroned. His unlimited drum-molesting skills push this band into another level of greatness. Two slower tracks, Macabre Endís cover "Consumed By Darkness" and "The Iconoclast Deathride" give us a much-deserved break from the high-intensity speed that dominates on "Ravenous". Masterfully played Deathís "Evil Dead" not only remind us of the roots of this genre but also show how much fervor and intensity emanates from these guys.

Bottom Line: Definitely a Death Metal highlight of the year! No excuses, buy it or die in disgrace.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10