Scourge Of Malice ItalyCountry Of Origin: Italy
Graveworm - Scourge Of Malice

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Dreaded Time
Unhallowed By The Infernal One
Abandoned By Heaven
Descending Into Ethernal Mist
Demonic Dreams
Fear Of The Dark
In Vengeance Of Our Wrath
Ars Diaboli
Sanctity Within Darkness

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Label: Serenades Records
Categories: Black, Gothic, Melodic

MetalBite Review by Krys on 4/4/2001
I was waiting for this album since the end of February, and let me tell you, if I got it on time, we would have had our first "album of the month" co-winners then. Their latest release is not only a breakthrough, itís a masterpiece with killer riffs combined with the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard.

Graveworm shows us how to mix a gothic atmosphere with symphonic black metal without losing dynamics and heaviness. Comparisons with Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth are only partially justified because Graveworm are far more catchy and simpler, without translating into "more commercial."

Hymns like "Unhallowed By The Infernal One" or "Demonic Dreams" are instant classics. I could list almost all of them but you can read the track list for yourself. I promised not to use profane words butÖ holy shit, what music!!! I donít think this CD will leave my player this year. All compositions are so diverse that there is no way it can ever get to the point that Iíd be bored. Variations of those two mentioned styles plus choirs, orchestra, Scottish warpipes and acoustic guitars make this such an unforgettable experience I donít think I will be able to close my eyes without dropping on my knees and blessing all demons responsible for this masterpiece.

"Scourge Of Malice" is just plain perfect. With Stefanís vocals, one of the best in this genre, Steve and Ericís unbelievable riffs, the unholy Sabineís keyboards, Diddi and Martinís demonic rhythm section, which varies from slow gut pounding punches to extremely fast poundings, this CD will leave the mark on your development as an air-breathing being. Did I mention the remarkable Iron Maidenís cover "Fear Of The Dark"? Well, too late.

Bottom Line: There is no bottom line. Buy it or fucking die. (I know, I promised, Iím listening to it right now and canít stop it!)

Rating: 10 out of 10