On The Edge DenmarkCountry Of Origin: Denmark
Iron Fire - On The Edge

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Eternal Damnation
The End Of It All
Prince Of Agony
On The Edge
Into The Abyss
Wanted Man
Lost N' Alone
Forever Evil
Here And Alive
The Price Of Blood

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Label: Noise Records
Categories: Heavy, Power

MetalBite Review by Tobias on 4/27/2001
When I first heard a couple of samples off of this disc, I started laughing and thought I would be doing some serious mudhole stomping on this band. After giving it a full listen, I have to say that in a funny cheese-ball way, it entertained me.

Understand that if this band werenít so dead on with their sound, Iíd dismiss it as a comical satire on the heavy metal of the late 80s and early 90s. If those concepts donít hold any entertainment value for you, stop reading now and forget this band exists. From here on out, take what you will, Iím just going to tell you what Iím hearing.

Martin Steene, the man with the throat, couldnít be a better mixture of Ugly Kid Joeís Whitfield Crane and Vince Neil even if Dr. Moreau had done the gene splicing. To give you an even better picture, this guy cites Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi as vocal inspirations and Helloweenís Keeper as a pivotal album in his life. I think if you try to mix all of those elements together, youíll get a pretty good idea of what youíre going to hear on this disc. While his voice leans much more toward that of Whitfield Craneís, he will on occasionÖ well, once during the albumÖ surprise listeners with a 5 word growl on the track "On the Edge".

The guitar work and, well the rest of the band, sound like a mildly entertaining Iron Maiden Jr. Itís some pretty thick power metal with frenzied solos that leaves you with an overall positive sound. In fact, power metal doesnít get any happier than this.

As if to make sure no one forgets that this band is rooted in the asinine-lyric-writing metal of the late 80s, they throw in a ballad-ish song called Lost ní Alone. Itís stuff like this song that gives stand up comics like Henry Rollins (Mr. "Iím not a stand-up comic!") some great reference material. Hereís an example: "Iím lost in loneliness / I feel so cold / Iím lost in emptiness / I need somebody to hold".

Ok, so with the exception of that remarkable piece of rhino feces, this album, would be a great soundtrack to the task of raising an army of apes to invade and destroy Nicaragua.

Bottom Line: Donít be afraid to judge this one by the cover. I think I need to crap.

Rating: 5 of 10