Voices: Tales Of A Broken Man CanadaCountry Of Origin: Canada
The Orchid's Curse - Voices: Tales Of A Broken Man

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Above Moyobamba (Euphoria)
The Delicate Art Of Dying (Despair)
The Workhorse Walks Alone (Regret)
Rites Of Sacrifice (Hope)
It Was The Darkest Day We'd Never See (Mourning)
Let The Ashes Bury This Life (Anger)
...Of The Flesh (Ecstasy)
Shadows Of Imitation (Envy)
The Animal (Contempt)
The Voice: I. Into The Beyond (Apathy) / II. The Cold Whisper (Empathy)

Release Date: 2010
Label: Diminished Fifth Records
Categories: Death, Thrash

MetalBite Review by JD on 12/19/2010
Atlantic Canada is not really known for the extremes of metal, but there is always an exception to the rule. People from the Eastern Seaboard have always walked to the beat of a different drummer and when it comes to Halifax Nova Scotiaís Orchidís Curse, it rings so damned true. They have made their own path here.

Tapping into the brutal assaults of Death Metal, the crush of Thrash and Progressive tilts with the insight of a psychologist, you get a band that is nearly impossible to correctly and accurately describe. To make it a little easier- combine Bolt Thrower, Overkill, loads of Cannibal Corpse and GraVil with the progressiveness of a Rush with the lyrical intelligence of Novembers Doom. You get close to what Orchidís Curse sounds like.

Tripping through almost every human emotion, Orchidís Curse digs into manís inner-self and rips it open for all to see. From the explosive track for the emotion of 'The Delicate Art Of Dying (Despair)' to the hatred inducing emotion of 'The Animal (Contempt)' you run the gambit of ever aspect - good or bad- of what it is to be a human being. These vehement lyrics let you explore these things and many more, but the brutal nature of the music is what drives all of it home with that intensity of despotic finality.

Who needs to learn Sigmund Freudís teachings and be in school for years?. Orchidís Curse can do that all, and in a way that makes Psychology fun. Think of this: therapy in a mosh pit, an idea that has come of age. I knew metal was therapeutic all along... now we have the proof.

Donít pay some over educated idiot a hundred dollars an hour to help you for years on end. Twenty bucks one time pays for the CD and for the brain straightening you so need, no to mention the fun.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 9.5
Production: 9
Originality: 10
Overall: 9.5

Rating: 9.4 out of 10