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Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Hunter
2. Symptom
3. Never Land (Originally Recorded By The Sisters Of Mercy)

Review by JD on January 16, 2012.

Post Metal/Rock is one Sub-Genre in the metal tree that I disagree should be incuded wholeheartedly. All it is a style of metal that has a little gothic and alternative music that is mixed in with a melodic metal bedrock- the result is music that is on the surface very bold, yet seems go nowhere in the long run.

Australian Post Instrumental/Instrumental band Heirs seem to be at the forefront of this oddball offshoot of metal, and not only is it in their native country. Heirs seem to be showing a knack for writing some strong melodies and dark feelings that are very impressive. With all of this talent, something within the framework of the music seems to quickly falter, then starts to stall and in the end dies as the music goes nowhere fast.

Three songs grace the disk and all three tracks end up suffering the same fate. Starting off strong with great melodies weaving through, each song never defines the direction it wants to go to. Frustrating as it is, this group of very talented musicians seem to be oblivious to any of this... and puts out a product with great potential that is never realized or let to develop.

It pains me that a band like this would not see what is befalling their own music. If I was the band, I would retool everything and forget this sad and very disappointing release in its entirety. Metal is suppose to move the soul and raise the horns. This just confuse, bores and makes us all realize mistakes can happen at any moment.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 3.5
Production: 5
Overall: 3

Rating: 4.9 out of 10