Review:23JulTHRON - Dust

THRON - Dust

In 2015, a coven from out of Germany’s Black Forest region emerged, and onto the European black metal circuit they made their way...

Review:18JulFIRTAN - Ethos

FIRTAN - Ethos

Boasting a proud black metal scene bold as barbarism and as eclectic as Devin Townsend’s record collection with genre-innovative...

Review:17JulEXIST - Frog Bomb

EXIST - Frog Bomb

With no hyperbole whatsoever, the upcoming album by the young and unknown Polish thrashers in Exist was literally my most...

Review:16JulIN APHELION - Reaperdawn

IN APHELION - Reaperdawn

Well, what could be better than lying by the pool in Spain, having a cold beverage and just relaxing? If you guessed - listening...

Review:16JulCASTLE - Evil Remains

CASTLE - Evil Remains

If there is one thing that doom metal is good at, it's that it always makes you feel like you are wandering the graveyard, or...


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14JulThron - with PVIII (guitars)

Thron - with PVIII (guitars)

German Thron worked constantly to get a good reputation in the black metal scene and with their latest album "Dust" which was...


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