Review:26MaySABBAT - Sabbaticult

SABBAT - Sabbaticult

Whenever someone mentions the original wave of black metal bands from the 80's, you just can't miss out the Japanese legends...

Review:25MayUDÅD - Udåd

UDÅD - Udåd

When it comes to black metal musicians creating side-projects within the same subgenre, I always have very mixed feelings about...

Feature:18MayDigging Through Past

Digging Through Past

Greetings to all you MetalBite legion! Another edition of Digging Through Past is up and ready to be enjoyed. Even more old...

Review:14MayHÄXANU - Naturmystik

HÄXANU - Naturmystik

An American and a Swedish band meet under a German title. Welcome to Naturmystik, a split where Häxanu and Greve join forces....


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