Review:5OctSTRIGOI - Viscera

STRIGOI - Viscera

Viscera is the second album by British deathers Strigoi. I have to say that I knew it would be released in late 22 but when it...

Review:4OctASGRAUW - Façade

ASGRAUW - Façade

Ghostly mist rises over the faded tulip fields, deep dark forests and moors of the Netherlands stretch out its cold foggy fingers...

Review:3OctROTTENNESS - Violentopia

ROTTENNESS - Violentopia

The new Rottenness has dropped, and that has piqued my interest alright, because this is a band I have always appreciated for...

Review:1OctSUMERLANDS - Dreamkiller

SUMERLANDS - Dreamkiller

Sometimes I like to imagine a world like Marvel’s “what if?”. In this specific thread of the multiverse the world would riot if...

Review:1OctSKARE - Skare

SKARE - Skare

Out of absolutely nowhere (well, Australia actually), comes Skare’s startling self-titled debut, which is a strong challenger to...

Review:28SepSIX BY SIX - Six By Six

SIX BY SIX - Six By Six

Sagas guitarist Ian Crichton, Saxons drummer Nigel Glockler and vocalist Robert Berry (ex-"3") have formed a new group called Six...


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