Review:14OctJINJER - Macro

JINJER - Macro

Djent is probably my second favourite, after slam/deathcore, subgenre of metal. Most probably because I can see the most...

Review:9OctALUNAH - Violet Hour

ALUNAH - Violet Hour

When the psychedelic dance of rhythms shakes to the beat of doom metal, all that was lost to the core of darkness is enlivened...

Review:9OctWARBELL - Plague

WARBELL - Plague

Polish melodic death metal band Warbell makes aware their presence with the chime of the bands second full-length effort Plague....

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Macro Jinjer
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Before The Nightingale Sings Sarpedon
Violet Hour Alunah
The Seas Of Draugen Witchbones
Plague Warbell
Mourn The Southern Skies Exhorder
Interdimensional Invocations Xoth
Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave Witch Vomit

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3SepOmophagia - with All Members

Omophagia - with All Members

Quite recently I've had a pleasure to listen to Omophagia's upcoming album, "646965". You can read my thoughts in the review....

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