Review:9JulVALTARI - Origin Enigma

VALTARI - Origin Enigma

Valtari was brought to my attention a few weeks ago by someone claiming his newest album to be "a mix of old Dissection and...

Review:5JulPESSIMIST - Holdout


Those days are not so far when Overkill, Testament, Sodom, Kreator and Exodus will cease to exist! Their absence will create...

Review:30JunMALIGNAMENT - Demo I


Back in the nostalgically idealized eighties, tape trading was a kind of conspiratorial work. Spinning a net all over the world...

Review:30JunKRYPTAMOK - Verisaarna

KRYPTAMOK - Verisaarna

Is there anything more stupid than thinking about Christmas at the end of June? Surely not. Yet I have heard that Santa Claus is...


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